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Tirupati, 16 April 2017: “Exactly a thousand years ago, Bhagavat Ramanuja, believed to be the incarnation of Adisesha-the mighty 1000 hooded divine serpent kind, appeared as a saviour, a marvellous Saint philosopher and pronounced the humanity about Equality and Fraternity”, asserted TTD EO Dr D Samba Siva Rao.

Taking part as Chief Guest in the inaugural session of the three-day National Seminar on “The Philosophy of Bhagavad Ramanuja” convened by SV Vedic varsity in Tirupati on Sunday, in his address the EO, the advent of a scintillating era in the world of philosophy and spirituality originated with Ramanujacharya. “His vibrant philosophy “tri-une Monism”, Visishtadwaitham, raised curtain for ushering an era of social, as well as, philosophic revolution. Bhagavad Ramanuja was instrumental for the revival, growth, amplification and vivification of “Visishtadwaitha school of thought”, he observed.

Later the EO elaborated on the commitment of TTD to promote Vedic studies for future generations. “Our Vedic varsity and schools are aimed at propagating Vedic legacy. I urge the Vedic fraternity to research on the Philosophy of Sri Ramanuja and its applicability to the contemporary world”, he added.

Meanwhile the meeting commenced with Mangalasasanams by HH Tirumala Pedda Jiyangar and Chinna Jiyar Swamijis who complimented TTD for observing year long fete as a tribute to Sri Ramanujacharya on his Millennium birth anniversary which falls on May 1 this year.

In his key note address former Vice Chancellor of JRRS University Sri Ramakrishnamacharyulu said, “Wit practical devotional worship, he brought together the intellectual seekers as well as the simple devout. Ramanuja’s life exemplified the virtues of the true devout that transcends the constraints of birth, status, etc., and this had a tremendous impact during his lifetime.

“According to him Brahman is both the inner-controller and inner-ruler that is present in all souls and matter. The world is real and a part of Brahman. Finally he taught that God’s grace is accessible to anyone irrespective of caste so long as they devote themselves to Lord. Self-surrender is the key to spiritual liberation”, the scholar informed.
All Projects Special Officer Sri N Muktheswara Rao said, TTD has been observing the Millennium festival of Ramanujacharya by taking up Ramanuja Sanchara Ratha Yatra covering all Sri Vaishnava Divya Desams and conducting celestial marriages in thirty clusters. “We are also bringing out special publications and set to observe a massive religious fete on May 1 on the millennium birth anniversary of the great Saint”, he observed.

Later the students of SV Balamandir rendered “Dhati Panchakam” penned by Sri Ramanujacharya in mellifluous manner and won the hearts of scholars.

Varsity Vice Chancellor Prof. KE Devanathan presided over the seminar which has invited over 50 stalwarts from across the country to speak on the works and life of Sri Ramanujacharya.


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