Pontiffs Jeeyangars, the Ombudsman of Tirumala Temple rituals

The Jeeyangars, the rightful descendants of Ramanujacharya the saint-composer and devotee of Lord Venkateswara, are the Ombudsman on the maintenance of Agama traditions as per Sri Vaishnava and Vaikhanasa practices in the hoary and revered Srivari Temple of Tirumala.

As descendants of Sri Ramanuja they are treated by the TTD as the custodians of traditions, Agama practices followed in the temple rituals, festivals and all important religious  events.

His Holiness Sri Sri Satagopa Ramanuja Pedda Jeeyangar is the 48th descendent and Manavala Maha Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar is the 49th descendent of Saint Ramanuja.

As the custodians of the vedic and Agama culture of TTD temples, the Jeeyangars are considered unquestioned exponents of ‘veda-agama-shastra-sampradaya and`Divya Prabandha.

‘It was during the period of Ramanuja charya that the rituals of Srivari Temple were transformed from Saivite to Srivaishnavite practices ‘says ‘Saint Ramanuha had scripted every step in the rituals from Suprabatham to Ekantham in srivari temple ‘said  Sri Sri Pedda Jeeyangar.

The TTD considered and revered the Jeeyangars as the custodians of temple practices and customs and their word was last in all respects of core religious and devotional activities in the temple. The TTD has given land and funds for construction of Mutts on South Mada street for Chinna Jeeyar and next to Vahana Mandapam for Pedda jeeyar. Both the Jeeyangars have been provided a fund of Rs.1.2 crore per annum for their activities.