TIRUMALA, APRIL 09:  The Donor Cell in Tirumala assumed a “New Hi-Tech Look” with the shifting of the Donor Cell office to the premises of Audiseshu Rest House from CRO in Tirumala on Wednesday.

Special Puja has been performed in Tirumala which was attended by TTD EO Sri MG Gopal, JEOs Sri KS Sreenivasa Raju and Sri P Bhaskar. Speaking on this occasion TTD EO said, many donors have been contributing to the various Trusts and Schemes run by TTD since several decades. “Apart from the donations given to Lord Venkateswara, many donors are donating mighty contributions to the trusts of Annaprasadam, Pranadanam, Go Samrakshana, BIRRD, Arogryavaraprasadini in big way”.

The EO said, “With an aim to provide the privileges through single window system, we have made some amendments by introducing Smart card system. We will issue the smart cards to the donors. The donors can swipe these cards in this office from where the bar coded slips are generated and they can avail their privileges from the respective departments. Initially we are issuing smart cards to the donors who have donated over Rs.5lakhs. We have a detailed data base of over 28,700 odd donors and the system will be stabilised in 15days”, he added.

CVSO Sri G Srinivas, Additional FACAO Sri O Balaji, CE Sri Chandrasekhar Reddy, GM Transport Sri Sesha Reddy and other officers were also present.