Tirumala, 18 August 2014: The festival of Gokulastami has been celebrated with religious fervor in the temple town of Tirumala on Monday.

AT GOGARBHAM GARDENS: Special Tirumanjanam has been performed in the Gogarbham gardens in connection with Gokulastami between 12 noon to 1pm on Monday under the aegis of Garden department of TTD. The priests performed snapanam to the statue of “Sri Kaliyamardhana” in the gardens with milk, coconut, honey, curd and sandal paste. Thousands of devotees converged to witness the grandeur of the ceremony. Later special puja is performed and the deity is draped in new dress. This ceremony was later followed by Utlotsavam where in enthusiastic youth put all efforts to hit the utlu filled with curd tied atop wooden logs. This act mused the people of all aged who gathered to witness the fete. Later annaprasadams were distributed to the devotees Garden Department Deputy Director Sri Srinivasulu was also present.

AT TIRUMALA SHRINE: Meanwhile in Tirumala shrine the Gokulastami Asthanami will be performed at Bangaru Vakili between 8pm to 10pm.

The programme begins with abhishekam performed to Sri Krishna Swamy, Sri Ugrasrinivasa murthy, Sridevi and Bhudevi which is known as “Ekantha Tirumanjanam”. This is also known as Dwadasa Tiruvaradhanam where the priests will recite “Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya” repeatedly in front of the deities. Later the Ugrasrinivasa murthy and consorts will be taken back to Anandanilayam while Sri Krishna Swamy in the guise of “Bala Krishna” is made to lie in half-sleep posture with butter ball in his one hand and later the archakas, vaishnavacharyas will recite Divyaprabandha Parayanam. Later the priest also narrate the episodes pf the third chapter of Sri Mad Bhagavatha which depicts the power of Lord Sri Krishna. Later arati and neivedyam will be performed with which the astanam concludes.