TIRUMALA, NOVEMBER 4: The annual festival of Kaisika Dwadasi will be observed in Tirumala Srivari temple on November 14 in the bright half of the holy Karthika month and it is also known as Prabodhanotsava or uttana dwadasi which is usually celebrated in connection with the awakening of Lord MahaVishnu who went into deep sleep in Vishnusayana Ekadasi day.

According to mythological significance, Nambaduvan an ardent devotee of Lord Maha Vishnu from a downtrodden class happens to meet a demon ( the demon was actually a Brahmin who was by curse turned to demon) who threatens him to kill. However the devotee convinces that since he is on his way to offer prayers to Lord, he will definitely become his prey after his return from worship place. Later the devotee offers prayers to Lord by singing a keerthan in Kaisika Raaga and returns back to offer his body to be devoured as food to the demon.  Seeing the truthfulness of the devotee, the demon leaves him and gets back to his original form getting out of the curse. On the other hand the truthful devotee also attains salvation. Since then the festival is observed as Kaisika Dwadasi as a mark of respect to the keertan rendered by the devotee in Kaisika Raga.

This festival is observed with grandeur in all the srivaishnavaite temples in the country. It is on this day alone wherein the Snapana bera of Sri Ugrasreenivasa Murthy is brought out of the temple once in a year and taken out for celestial procession around four mada streets along with two Consorts before sun rise. Later the deities will be brought back to the temple and Kaisika Dwadasi Asthanam will be performed inside the temple by the archakas. Temple officials will also take part in this festival.

Meanwhile TTD has cancelled all the arjitha sevas on that day in connection with this annual festival.