TIRUMALA, JUNE 21:  The special ritual “Kareeri Isthi, Parajanya Santi, Varuna Yagam” to appease the Rain God for the prosperity of the State and the Country mulled by TTD began on a religious note in Tirumala on Saturday.

This five-day ritual began at Paruveta Mandapam near Gogarbham dam amidst the chanting of Vedic Hymns by 21 vedic scholars who hailed from across the country in the abode of Lord Venkateswara. This ritual will be performed every day between 8.30am to 12pm. While the veda parayanam will take place between 4pm to 6pm. The ritual began with Sankalpam on Saturday and will conclude with Avabrida Snanam on June 25.

Briefing the significance of this ritual to media persons after completion of Sankalpam, TTD EO Sri MG Gopal said that this has been in vogue since vedic age wherein the sages used to perform with utmost devotion. The uniqueness of this ritual is that every item used will be in “Krishna Varna”(black colour) including the dressing of Ritwiks performing Yaga. The rice cooked in bamboo, the horse and ram and every material will be black in colour as the Homa invokes black clouds to shower good rains. “Interestingly the concept of ‘cloud seeding’ is similar to this vedic ritual which was proved by the scientists. I appeal to the devotees to pray for the rain god for good rains so that the entire humanity and living beings on universe will prosper”, he added.

  Rendering Vedabhashyam S Veda Pathashala Principal Acharya Sri K S S Avadhani said among all seasons in a year, rainy season is more important as it brings prosperity to the entire humanity. So the ritwiks performs this Kareeri Isthi Yagam which has been in practice since vedic times to get good amount of rainfall. He said this is the only ritual where the vedic scholars wear black dress to appease dark clouds for good rains.

Vedapatasala Students other officials were also present.