Srivari Padalu one of ancient Hindu relics, says EO Sri M G Gopal

Srivari Padalu one of ancient Hindu relics, says EO Sri M G Gopal

  • TTD to focus on showcasing shrines and Hindu relics on Tirumala
  • Priority for restoration and preservation
  • Development not at cost of  hoary past and ancient relics, says EO M G Gopal

Tirumala, October 6: Srivari Padalu, is the spot on the Tirumala hill shrine where the lord of Seven Hills, Lord Venkateswara had set his foot when he came down from Vaikuntam. “Srivari Padalu”, in English means “Lord Venkateswara’s Feet.

Srivari Padalu, is located on a peak in the forests of Narayanadri hill range where mythological deity is said to have left his ‘foot imprints’ on the rocky surface, some 5 kms from the Srivari Temple and is one the choicest destinations of pilgrims to Tirumala. Devotees throng the venue and vie with each other to touch the surface and often break coconuts in display their reverence and piety to the deity.

‘Srivari Padalu’ is an unique and hoary ancient relic on par with that of other religions says Sri M G Gopal, Executive officer of TTD who feels that it was imperative duty of the TTD to protect all environmental and hoary relics of Tirumala.

Following public uproar over the breaking of the ‘left toe of the foot imprints the TTD swung into action and took up repair works on a war footing. Exposure to sun and rain and odd weathers and also the irrational practice of break of coconuts had allegedly led to the damage to the hoary relic.

‘TTD will focus on maintenance and preservation of all our dharma and holy places in and around Tirumala and Tirupati. We will introduce strategies which will not focus on development at cost of our past glory ‘he said.

The Srivari Padalu now is encased in glass frame on a firm stone platform .The practice of  breaking coconuts  by devotees  in reverence to the deity is shifted to another location nearby. It was decided to post security at the place and strictly prohibit breaking of coconuts on the ‘Srivari Padalu’ in future. ‘We want to promote visit to Srivari Padalu, as one of the devotional and spiritual destinations at Tirumala’ he says.

TTD has taken up restoration works at several other devotional and holy shrines which were hitherto neglected on a war footing and showcase them to the devotees who throng the Tirumala shrine during the Brahmotsavam-2013, say the TTD officials.