Tirumala, 13 Jul. 14: In order to give significance and importance for performing sacred and pious deeds in the four holy months of Shravana, Bhadrapada, Aaswayuja and kaarteeka, Tirumala Pedda Jiyangar commenced Chaturmasa Dikshaon Sunday.

These four months are called Chatur- maasa and the jiyangar and his disciples will perform sacred deeds including Snana(bath), Japa, Homa, Vratha, Dana etc. in a strict deeksha manner during these months for the welfare of the entire humanity.

Earlier, the Pedda Jiyangar accompanied by Chinna Jiyangar and other disciples took out a procession along the four mada streets chanting vedic hymns and reached Jiyangari Mutt besides Bedi Anjaneyulu Swamy temple. From them reached Sri Bhu Varaha Swamy temple and offered prayers to the presiding deity and Swamy Pushkarini before reaching the temple of Lord Venkateswara.

There they were received by TTD EO Sri MG Gopal and Tirupati JEO Sri P Bhaskar. Later the Jiyangar and his entourage had darshan of Lord. In Ranganayakula Mandapam, the Periya Jiyangar was offered Melchat Vastram and Chinna Jiyangar was presented with Noolchat vastram as a part of ancient temple custom.

Later speaking on this occasion, the Pedda Jiyangar said, Chaturmasa¬†Deeksha means making a vow to perform austerities observing strict celibacy, avoiding prohibited foods,drinks, actions, unnecessary talks and most importantly dedicating ones self totally for Daiva Chintana (Thinking about Almighty alone) for full four months. “This has been in practice since the time of Sri Ramanuja Charya and we are following the same sampradaya every year. This year also we have commenced our Chaturmasa Deeksha, the day after Vyasa Purnima”, he maintained.

Temple Dy EO Sri C Ramana, Potu Peishkar Sri Keshava Raju were also present.