Two hospitals, over six dispensaries and several tertiary referral super specialties and a blood bank-For a religious and philanthropic organization like the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams offering Medicare for the poor, deserving and the devotees is a hall mark of its service to society.

The TTD has set forth a broad road map to serve the society through extended Medicare and health care institutions across the country with tie-ups in research and advanced studies. Afterall the prime motto of the country’s richest and biggest Hindu Religious Organisations is “Service To Mankind is Service To God”-Manava Sevaye Madhava Seva.

There is one dispensary on a 24×7 basis exclusively in the Vaikuntam queue complex -1 for the benefit of devotees who wait for hours at stretch for darshan of lord Venkateswara.

Yet another silent revolution in the TTD is the blood bank which is growing in small shape but has the scope to become one of the largest. Huge number of blood donors come to hospital and give blood at Tirumala. Presently they collect about 300 bottles of blood per month.

All the blood donors get a free darshan and two laddus. However the TTD is mulling over   to enlarge the scope of blood bank both at Tirumala and Tirupati to that of an international standards meet the demands of the specialty hospitals like SVIMS, RUIA and BIRRD located in Tirupati.

Another unique program of the TTD was the SHRAVANAM a project to heal the hearing impaired infants from 0-5 years. This program undertakes diagnosis of hearing impaired on a regular scale at the old maternity hospital located in Tirupati. It is a boon for the infants born of hearing problems. Sravanam unit has dedicated teachers guided by voluntary organization from Chennai which has gained expertise in teaching for hearing impaired.  Since its inception in 2006 several hundreds of children have been treated, who are now able to go for regular classes and also excel in academics.

The TTD has set up a eye care unit for the pilgrims and its employees in collaboration with the Shankar Netralaya . TTD has made a capital investment of Rs.3cr and annual investment of Rs.3cr for the eye care project. Apart from this operation theatres have also been set up in the Central Hospital in Tirupati for benefit of employees and pilgrims where services are offered free of cost.

S V Pranadam trust is a unique project aimed to encourage research and development in the treatment of diseases/conditions like chronic renal failure, haemophilia, thalassaemia and cancer. Basic amenities including blood-bank, artificial limbs, physiotherapy, tools and implants will be provided to poor patients, free of cost as part of the trust. Treatment will be provided at all TTD-run hospitals – including the super specialty hosptial of SVIMS and artificial limb centre-BIRRD.

BIRRD (Balaji Institute of Surgery, Research and Rehabilitation for the Disabled) is now  a world renowned institution set up  in eighties for addressing the menace of polio affected children.  It has now a 250 bed hospital with majority of patients from north India who undergo free medication including major surgeries which are being performed to the needy on free of cost.

BIRRD performs  30 operations a day mostly for knee –limb replacements or repairs  .TTD has also set up  a Artificial \limbs Fitting Centre ( ALFC) to cater to the demand for customized limb synchronization and design for  patients from all over the country.

SVIMS (Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences), a unique super specialty institute at Tirupati offers state-of-art medical services to devotees and pilgrims at affordable rates who came from all over the country. It also has specialities and also undertook research and development activities as well.

Several eminent doctors including nuerologists, cardiac experts etc visit the temple town and offer services to pilgrims and poor patients on free of cost.