TTD to scale new heights in devotee satisfaction – Bapiraju

Tirumala, October 12: I want to serve humanity through service to Lord Venkateswara ‘says the Chairman of TTD, Sri Kanumuri Bapiraju who completed two years in the temple administration last September.

The 59 year old veteran congress MP from fertile land of Narsapuram in West Godavari who will hold prestigious office of TTD chairman for one more year is  an addict for service to people has led an distinguished public life- five times MLA, one term as MLC and two terms as MP. I want to ensure that the TTD service to poor and needy will have no parallels and the divine blessings of Lord Venkateswara reached every one of devotees ‘he said.

It was during his tenure that TTD rolled out various devotee welfare programs and delivered optimum benefits to devotees, employees and also focus on middle class devotees.

‘I took up the cause Lord Venkateswara devotees of other states and launched with zeal the conduction of Srinivasa Kalyanotsavams and construction of Venkateswara temples in major district towns of other states ‘says Bapiraju. As a result TTD has built temples in several towns of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarkhand, Kathmandu in Nepal, Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu.

Among reforms TTD introduced information on Srivari temple activities on SMS through cell phones and outer Ring road (Thiru Venkata patham) at a cost of Rs.11 crore. Antique jewellery adorned by Lord Venkateswara was also brought out for display at SV Museum‘ he said.

He said the Managudi program was also launched in 17,200 temples of AP, Karnataka and Tamilnadu to focus on the well keeping of local temples and Hindu sanatana dharma cultures.

TTD also participated in the Kumbha Mela at Allahabad during the beginning of the year and a replica of Srivari Temple was erected there for benefits of crores of visitors to Kumbhamela.

Bapiraju said in view of the focus for common devotees, and the summer rush to Tirumala, all VIP break darshan were cancelled at evening excepting for Thursday saving over one or two hours  for the benefit of those in the Sarva Darshan queues. ‘TTD is always for the common devotee and no effort will be spared to make his experience at Tirumala both pleasant, comfortable and also divinely enriching, he said.

About the agenda before him for the rest of his tenure, the TTD chairman said he wanted to ensure that none of the common devotee and all Bhakta’s of Venkateswara never go hungry or without his darshan ever.TTD has drawn up massive programs for propagating the legends of Lord Venkateswara, promoting Hindu dharma besides providing subsidised education, free health care for poor and needy. ‘I am only a servant of the lord I intend to remain that way till I achieve the goals set for the TTD  in service of mankind ‘he adds.