TIRUPATI, FEB 26:  The Dharma Prachara Mandali members identified by TTDs Hindu Dharma Prachara Parishad (HDPP) should develop village clusters in their respective mandals to take up Hindu Sanatana Dharma from the grassroot level, said, Tirupati JEO Sri P Bhaskar.

Reviewing the annual action plan of Chittoor district unit of DPMs at SPGH in Tirupati on Wednesday, the JEO said to achieve any goal constructive action plan is very much important and called upon the members of DPMs to come out with a constructive action plan by next meeting.

For the effective propagation of hindu sanatana dharma in remote villages, the JEO identified some important parameters and asked the DPMs to work on that which includes-

*       Forming of Mandal Unit in each district

*       Forming of clusterof villages in each mandal

*       Identifying one important village in the head quarters and attaching other villages to this  temple

*       Identifying not less than three members from each village and training them as Dharma Pracharakas

*       These Dharma Pracharakas should practice only Hinduism, should have faith and knowledge in Hindu Sanatana Dharma, should not have any political affiliation and vested interests and should render voluntary service in Dharma Prachara

*       The members can also be picked up from SHG women groups, SCs,Sts, backward classes but should have the above mentioned qualities

*       Youth who are trained by some NGOs like Ramakrishna Mission, Vivekananda Youth Academy, ISKCON and who have an eye for Hindu Sanatana Dharma can also be taken as members.

*       Besides Srivari Seva volunteers, Leaders of Bhajan mandalis can also

        be involved

*       Apart from these members, retired lecturers and experienced scholars

       who could voluntarily render service can also be considered as   members

About 25 members of Dharma Prachara Mandalis hailing from different  mandals of Chittoor district including Tirupati, Srikalahasti, Chandragiri, Veduru Kuppam, Chittoor, Tamballapalle, Nimmanapalle, etc. took part in the meeting.

HDPP Special Officer Sri B Raghunath and other officials of HDPP were also present.