Garlands and flower decorations of Lord Venkateswara

Special Story onGarlands and flower decorations of Lord Venkateswara

  • Unique garlands for unique festivals and days
  • Tulasi, betel leaves, mango leaves and saligram dominate Lords malas

Tirumala, October 11: Lord Venkateswara is known popularly as a Alankarapriya, one who loved good dress, jewelry and also garlands and hence his treasury is full of gold and silver trinkets and also specific garlands for specific occasions and rituals including his public appearance events including processions and Unjal sevas etc.

According to Temple superintendent Gururaj garlands of fifteen varieties of flowers besides tulasi, mango leaves, betel leaves and saligramam. Ón Thursday flowers and garlands get priority over jewelry in the decoration of the main idol of deity of Lord Venkateswara.

Popular among the malas that adorn Lord Venkateswara are ‘Shiukamani’, Saligrama mala, Kantharasi, Vruksha sthala lakshmi, Shankuchakram, Tavalamulu, Tiru dandi malas. They range from eight yards to three yards length. Some are also designed for daily use as garlands adorn the deity from toe to head and shoulders and also all over body and hands.

Since the flowers and garlands play a major role in life and rituals of Srivari temple special efforts are made to get flowers and also other accompaniments like  perfumed and scented leaves that growth flowers in making of a mala. Over 15 tones of flowers were imported from overseas and other locations in India and over  200 women worked day and night to prepare almost  2000 yards of flower malas every day for God and also decorations in guest houses, offices and also public locations besides  the Srivari Temple.

Special officer of TTD in Temple, Sri Seshadri, popularly known as Dollar Sheshadri says that ‘Flowers, perfumes and scents play a major role in daily rituals and decoration of Lord Venkateswara and hence TTD pays specific attention to his ward robe and decoration kit of the deity. ‘It is his decorations and divine charm that brought the crowds and enthralled many to visit the temple again and again and beget his blessings’. TTD chairman Sri Kanumuri  Bapiraju says that Flowers and jewelry are very close to heart of  divine deity Venkateswara. Çan any one imagine Lord Venkateswara without his garlands and jewelry and dazzling kireetam’ he asks.’

TTD EO Sri M G Gopal says that special arrangements and team of special grade officers are enlisted for upkeep of  Lord’s garlands, dresses and also jewelry particularly during the Brahmotsavam festival. ‘Special attention is given decorations of the deity and also the temple with hired creative decorators from Tamil Nadu and Bangalore ‘he says. The motto is to make Tirumala and the Srivari Temple a choicest destination for the devotees and a pleasant pilgrim center during the Brahmotsavam festival.