Focus on green constructions to preserve bio-diversity of Tirumala, says EO-M G Gopal

Tirumala, October 10: TTD has decided to take up all constructions activity in Tirumala, one of the holiest religious hill shrine of south India only after environmental impact analysis with a goal to preserve the rich environment and bio-diversity around it. We have been insisting that there should be no construction activity in the hill shrine which has emerged centuries ago in the midst of the rich bio-diversity of Sheshadri hills of the Eastern ghats, says the Executive Officer, Sri M G Gopal.

The hill shrine which over the years under the TTD management has brought up large number of guest houses, choultries, queue complex, laddu counters, and other complex has decided to not build any fresh buildings without making a full environmental impact analysis.

Sri M  Ramesh Reddy, the superintending engineer of the TTD says the only construction works on the drawing board of the TTD were the Srivari Seva complex costing Rs.70 crore and another guest house of 340 rooms. ‘After that perhaps we may not have any more constructions on the Tirumala hills ‘he said adding that the Engineering department had a unique role in all most every activity of the Srivari Temple.

Engineering department plays a significant role in every activity – be it  queue complex, temple decorations,annaprasadam, laddu counters or even the laying of  massive road connectivity in Tirumnala and Tirupati ‘says Ramesh Reddy.

TTD completed a massive 3 kms of inner corridor securing the temple and devotees located in and around the Four Mada streets and to also provide controlled access during major festivals like Brahmotsavam and Vaikunta Ekadasi. We have also taken up construction of a  outer ring road -Tiru Venkat Patham around the Tirumala shrine to make exit path fast and also divert all heavy duty vehicles like lorries and buses. So far 3 kms of the 10.5 kms of the outer ring road is complete and 1.5 kms of the inner corridor of iron grilled corridor is also ready, he says.

The engineering department which accounted for 1/6 of the  total manpower of the TTD of  9,000 men and women has been instrumental and involved in every activity of the TTD both at Tirumala and Tirupati, he says. ‘We have been focusing on green constructions, promoting green medians, gardens and green practices  in and around Tirumala to keep up with demands of bio-diversity preservation ‘says the EO M G Gopal.