Tirupati, Nov 15: Renowned Vedic and Sanskrit scholar Brahmarshi Chaganti Koteswara Rao advocated that lighting of series of cow ghee lamps signifies sanctifying internal wisdom by destroying the ego.

As a part of his three-day long spiritual lecture organised by Hindu Dharma Prachara Parishad wing of TTD in view of Managudi programme which commenced on Friday evening at Mahati Auditorium in Tirupati, he said, the holy month of Karthika is essentially a festival of lamps.

Elaborating about the importance of Karthika Deepotsavam Sri Chaganti said, “The litting of lamps not only implies the great values embedded in Hindu Sanatana Dharma but also has some scientific significance which was even proved by Greek Scientist Nariman Borewell. In terms of scientific importance, it is during this month that the Sun God who gives life supporting energies will be far away from the Earth and hence leading to various types of diseases. The holy sages of ancient India advocated that if a lamp lit with cow ghee, will ward off all evil forces and usher in prosperity and joy in the households. This is the reason why all the Indian house holds of Hindus will lit a series of oil or ghee lamps during this holy month”, he added.

He said as per Hindu mythology it is on this day when the moon is in conjunction with the constellation Kritthika (Pleiades) and purnima. This constellation appears as a group of six stars in the firmament in the shape of a pendant from the ear. The six stars are considered to be the six celestial nymphs-Shanmatrikas or Krittikas who reared the six babies in the saravana tank which later were joined together to form the six faced Lord Sri Muruga or Shanmuga or Karthikeya. Hence the festival is being observed as a mark of respect to pay worship to Karthikeya and Krittikas”, he said.

The revered scholar said, “All the houses and streets are lit up with rows of oil lamps in the evenings during the entire month. On Kartheeka Pournami (full moon of Kartheeka month) litting of oil lamps with 365 wicks will set the devotees free from all the sins they have committed either knowingly or unknowingly”, he added.

TTD EO Sri MG Gopal, Tirupati JEO Sri P Bhaskar, HDPP Special Officer Sri B Raghunath, former HDPP Secretary Sri S Lakshmanaiah and others were also present.