TIRUPATI, AUGUST 10:  The TTD EO Sri MG Gopal advocated that the prestigeous religious programme “Managudi”  is not a single day event and the people should voluntarily offer the Dhupa-Deepa-Naivedyam in the temples of their respective areas every day.

The fifth phase of Managudi programme jointly launched by TTD and AP Endowments Department was observed amidst religious fervour in about 54 thousand temples across the states of AP and Telengana on the auspicious day of Shravana Pournami on Sunday.

The TTD EO who took part in the Managudi programme in the ancient temple of Lord Sri Kodanda Rama Swamy in Tirupati. The Managudi sare was carried from Anjaneya Swamy temple located opposite the main temple of Sri Rama and later the holy threads-Kankanams were distributed among the devotees and students who took part in the ceremony.

Speaking to media persons on this occasion, he said, the concept of Managudi emerged to bring back the past glory to the ancient temples that are being neglected due to many reasons.

“If we keep our temple premises clean and lit the lamp, perform puja every day on our own voluntarily then every day is a festival. But due to the emergence of nuclear families, majority of the people getting adopted to mechanical way of living we could not able to carry the essence of temple worship to this generation youth. So the chief motto of Managudi is to sustain the Hindu Sanatana Dharma Parampara and to make the youth of today aware of the great principles embedded in Hindu Sanatana Dharma through temple worship”, he added.

The EO said, in Kaliyuga, “Nama Smarana” is the ultimate Bhakti way to get salvation. “So we have made writing of “Rama Koti” nama also as a part in Managudi activitiy”, he added.

Later the TTD EO along with students, devotees and other officials has written “Rama Koti” in the temple premises.

IN GANGANAGUNTA:  The TTD EO took part in “Gopuja Mahotsavam” in the village of Ganganagunta located about 12km from Tirupati in Tiruchanoor road. He complimented the villagers for rearing milch cattle and taking special care of them. Speaking here he said, “In Hindu Sanatana Dharma Cow is revered as “Gow Mata” as it is embodiment of three crore deities mentioned in Hindu Mythology. If the cows are taken care of then the Mother Nature will be happy and this will inturn lead to the prosperity of the entire humanity”, he added.

IN PADIPETA: The EO later participated in the Managudi programme in Sri Bhadravathi Sametha Sri Bhavana Maharshi temple in Padipeta near Tiruchanoor and distributed kankanams to the villagers.

Special Officer of Hindu Dharma Prachara Parishad Sri Sriram Raghunath, Deputy EO Sri Kodanda Ramaswamy Temple Sri Harindranath and others were also present.