Pure drinking water- 3.5 MGLD supplied every day

Tirumala, September   27: Imagine the task of providing non-stop waster for bathing and basic amenities for over   50,000 pilgrims and nearly  30,000  persons at located on a permanent basis at Tirumala.

The task has been supernaturally addressed by the  Tirumala Tirupati Administration throughout the year. During the recent Brahmotsavams, the task has been to provide water for both drinking and non-drinking purposes for nearly one lakh persons.

According to  Mallikarjuna Prasad,  the  Executive  Engineer, Water Works nearly   3.5  million gallons litres per day  (MGLD) was supplied during the brahmotsavam as against a normal requirement of  3 MGLD.

We have three water chlorination plans at Tirumala and three sewerage and drainage points to drain out used water from all over the guest houses and complexes in Tirumala. ” Both drinking and common water is supplied to everyone in Tirumala free of cost,” he says.

The drinking water is purified and supplied to all points either collectively from a major plant under the scheme  “Jala Prasadam ”  in collaboration with a donor from Visakhapatnam. ” We have installed water purification plants at all major locations including the guest houses separately.

” The goal is to see that there is no outbreak of water-borne diseases in the Tirumala, housing the  Srivari Temple and nobody died due to water contamination,”  says Sri. I  Y R Krishna Rao, the Executive Officer of the TTD.

As a measure against water contamination, the TTD  has also banned the use of plastic sachets and plastic bottles on Tirumala. ” Where we find such plastics the dealers are punished with a  fine and bottles are crushed so that they are not re-used again,” says the EO.

 “We are setting up a mineral water plant at a cost of Rs. Five crores with the assistance of the Raju Vigneswara Foundation to provide three lakh gallons of pure water to devotees at subsidized rates of Rs. One per litre bottle” says  Mallikarjuna Prasad, Executive Officer, Executive Engineer, Water Works