Tirumala, 6 August 2014: On the first day of ongoing three day Annual Pavithrotsavam at Tirumala which began on Wednesday, priests performed Snapana Tirumanjanam to the processional deities of Lord Malayappaswamy and His consorts at Sampangi Prakaram inside Sri Vari Temple.

Later in the evening the processional deity of Lord Malayappaswamy along with His consorts were taken around in a procession around four mada streets.

Temple DyEO Sri Chinnamgari Ramana, Peishkars Sri R.Selvam, Sri Kesava Raju, Parpathyedar Sri Ajay and others took part.

Meanwhile among the 450 odd festivals that are being observed in the hill shrine of Lord Venkateswara, the three-day annual festival of Pavithrotsavams, is an important festival. This is one of the important festivals at Tirumala with a hoary antiquity, agamic sanction, puranic reference and high religious significance.

SIGNIFICANCE: The main objective of this festival is to get rid of the evil that might have been caused due to omissions and commissions in the performance of various rituals throughout the year. That is why this utsava is referred to by various names as “Dosha Nivaarana,” “Sarva Yajna Phalapradha,” “Sarva Doshopasamana,” “Sarva Tushtikara,” “Sarvakaamapradha, “Sarvalokasantida. ”Pavithrotsava”, as the very word indicates is derived from the combination of two words “Pavithra” and “Utsava”.

ORIGIN: The origin of Pavithrotsavam in Tirumala dates back to 1463 A.D. The stone inscription found on the northern wall of the Vagapadi verandah in the first “Prakaara” of the Tirumala temple gives a very detailed account of the festival. The inscription refers even to the items of expenditure to be incurred in connection with the celebration of “Pavithra Tirunal.”

The festival appears to have been celebrated till 1562 A.D. as we find numerous inscriptions referring to this Tirunal at Tirumalaiand the food offerings to be made during that festival, but suddenly after 1562, there is a gap, which makes one believe that perhaps this utsava was not celebrated as many of the villages endowed by the devotees for performing this festival might have been lost due to the various political changes at that time. This utsava was revived only about 38 years ago i.e. 1962.

FIRST DAY: On the first day, the temple priests especially dressed in (Pitambara Vastra) Yellow colour silk vastrams offered “Pavitra Harati” to the presiding deity before they commence the day one rituals as a part of Pavitrotsavams in yagasala of Srivari temple on Wednesday.

Later Snapana Tirumanjanam is performed under supervision of Agama Pundit and Scholar Sri NAK Sundaravaradan by a team of priests between 9am to 11am. Then this was followed by Visesha Samarpana to Sri Malayappa Swamy and Ubhayanancharulu. In the evening the processional deities were taken around four mada streets in a procession and sallimpu of special jewels was performed inside the temple.

TTD has cancelled arjitha sevas like Sahasra Kalasabhishekam, Kalyanotsavams, Unjal Seva, Brahmotsavam, Vasanthotsavam and Sahasra Deepalankara Seva in this connection. Meanwhile Thomala and Archana were performed in Ekantham.