TIRUPATI, JAN 7: Tirupati JEO Sri P Bhaskar advocated that Agamas are philosophical doctrines prescribed by Hindu Sanatana Dharma for the well being of humanity.

Addressing the inaugural session of the three-day National Agama Seminar at SV Vedic varsity in Tirupati on Wednesday, the JEO the temples are epitomes of our ancient rich culture, tradition and heritage. And Agamas direct the norms and rituals of temples. So it is ultimately the agamas which preach the humanity to lead a life full of values and ethics, he maintained.

However he expressed his serious concern over the lack of archakas in various temples across the state and also in the country. “Due to severe shortage of the priests, unfortunately in many temples rituals are not taking place as per agamas. To overcome this serious issue, TTD has began training for archakas living in remote areas almost a decade ago which is yielding fruitful results”, he maintained.

He called upon the Agama scholars who hailed from various parts of the country for the national sadas to hold such conferences at Vijayavada, Visakha and Hyderabad also and spread the vast knowledge embedded in Agamas to the younger generation.

Tirumala temple one of the chief priests Dr AV Ramana Dikshitulu said, today Tirumala temple is being judged as the most revered Hindu temple in the entire world which has been following the norms and rituals as per Vaikhanasa Agama. “”From Dawn to Desk all the rituals in the famous temple of Lord Venkateswara is being performed as stated in Vaikhanasa Agama without any deviation. The Agamas not only preach the temple rituals but also the qualities-“Asthadasa Samskaras” of the priests performing rituals which is as important as puja vidhanas”, he maintained.

Addressing the occasion, the varsity VC Sri KE Devanathan said, all the agamas including Vaikhanasa, Pancharatra and Saivagama are equally important. “The prime motto of this varsity is to protect, preserve and promote the essence of Agamas to the future generation”, he added.

Later the JEO has released a compilation of all research papers on Agamas by 120 Agama scholars who attended the sadas in the form of a book by name “Agama Kusumanjali”. The exhibition on Agamas displayed on this occasion attracted the visitors. The replicas of Yaga patras, Homa Gundas, Tamrapatrams, Talapatrams, Hasta Mudras used during rituals etc, have been displayed in the expo.

Varsity Registrar, Sri Phani Yagneshwarayajulu, Dean Sri Agnihotram Srinivasacharyulu, Convenor Sri Brahmacharyulu and others were also present.