Tirumala, 15 October 2015: Every day is “Festival of Lights” in Tirumala, as you enter the hill shrine of Tirumala, where pilgrims can witness the unending lamps giving a picturesque look at Akhilandam located opposite main temple.

Closer to the holy shrine of Lord Venkateswara you will witness huge Lamps blazing throughout day and night and two long coconut breaking metal stands. Next to them Devotees who come on foot normally come to this spot, offer “Karpooram” at the huge lamps and break coconuts as a part of redeeming their vow. This spot on a high platform in front of Srivari Temple is called Akhilandam or Akhandam, located opposite main temple. Every VIP and common devotee come to this spot and offer special prayers and worship at the small shrine for Anjaneya popular as Bedi Anjaneya.

Legends say that since devotees cannot offer coconut or camphor individually inside Srivari Temple, they offer the same at the Akhandam. The panoramic view of the Srivari temple from this Akhandam enthuse the devotees with its colourful decorations and electrical illuminations of goddesses and gods from Akhilandam provides feast to the eyes of devotees. There is a popular belief that after walking up the sacred seven hills, a visit to this old temple of Bedi Hanuman and the Akhandam marks the end of the padayatra vow of the pilgrims.

The TTD has set up huge coconut collecting tanks to amass those offered by devotees at Akhilandam which is used in the Lord’s Kitchen ‘Potu ‘ for making Anna Prasadams as well for making tasty menu in the ultra-modern kitchen at Anna Prasadam complex. Every day not less than 1000 kilos of coconut pieces are collected in the twin tanks.