Tirumala, 2 December 2015: The Dharmika Sadas organised by Hindu Dharma Parirakshana Trust(HDPT) with the logistic support offered by TTD in Asthana Mandapam at Tirumala on Wednesday resolved to protect Hindu Sanatana Dharma. Various pontiffs and seers hailing from different parts of the country took part in this religious conference, pledged to protect Sanatana Dharma and made some important resolutions by the end of the day. Some excerpts:

➢ To organise Dharmika Sadas henceforth every year for two days, to review dharmic activities not only related to AP but also other southern states

➢ To perform Go Puja, Go Sam Rakshana without fail. As a part of this noble mission, TTD, Endowments department, all mutts will observe Go Puja on December 10.

➢ To put an end to religious conversions especially in rural areas, various religious and Dharmic activities to be taken up on a large scale.

➢ Temples at village levels should be modified as spiritual hubs by taking up effective and extensive spiritual programmes

➢ Temple resources need to be best utilised for religious activities like starting up Seva programmes, Bhajan mandals etc.

➢ Religious materials like vermillion, turmeric etc. apart from small booklets explaining the importance of Hindu dharma and other festivals should be given to respective temples in rural areas

➢ TTD should take up the training programme of archakas and construct temples in Harijana, girijana and backward areas

➢ students should be imparted value based education which includes Ramayana, Bharata, Bhagavatha episodes, Panchatantra stories, stotra Ratnakara, Shatka Padyams etc. to make them the good citizens of the nation and lead a righteous way of life

➢ State endowments department should commence 100 new schools to enlighten the students on Hindu Dharma in the name of “Saraswathi Mandirams”

➢ Apart from SVBC, three more spiritual channels need to be started by TTD to wide spread Hindu dharmic activities

TTD EO Dr D Sambasiva Rao, HDPT secretary Dr Vijayaraghavacharyulu, Tirupati JEO Sri P Bhaskar, TTD Trust Board member Sri Bhanuprakash Reddy were also present.