Tirupati, 4 June: All roads in Tirupati converged pointed to the famous ancient shrine of Lord Sri Govindaraja on Sunday following the big fete Garuda Seva on fifth day of ongoing annual brahmotsavams in the temples.

In all the Sri Vaishnavaite temples especially those under the umbrella of TTD, scores of pilgrims gather to witness the Grandeur of Lord in all His splendour on the mighty Golden Garuda Vahana which offers a pleasant and rich feast to the tens of thousands of eyes.

On Sunday evening, similar episode took place when Lord Sri Govinda Raja Swamy draped in silk clothes and dazzling jewels seated majestically on mighty Suparna took a pride pleasure ride along the mada streets of Tirupati encircling the ancient Sri Govinda Raja Swamy temple.


Meanwhile among all vahana sevas, Garuda Vahana Seva has a special place in Sri Vaishnavism as the mighty King of Aves is considered to be the most favourite vehicle and servant of Lord Sri Mahavishnu. Garuda Purana and Garudopanishad explains the power of this King of Birds. He is a powerful creature, full of energy and a size big enough to block the Sun God Himself!

H.H.Sri Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamy of Tirumala Mutt, H.H.Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamy, TTD EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal,Local Temples DyE.O Smt Varalakshmi, Exe Engineer Sri Jagadesswara Reddy and large number of devotees took part in this function.