Tirupati, 11 April 2016: TTD EO Dr D Sambasiva Rao called upon the employees of TTD to get inspiration from the lives of great personalities like Mahatma Pule, Jagjivanram, Ambedkar, Gandhiji etc. And try to enliven their ideals by executing duties with responsility.

In his address during the 189th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Jyothiba Pule, the EO recalled the services of Pule as social reformer, thinker and an activist who least many revolutionary Movements seeking equality of all and pioneered in his mission. “Mere conduct of jayanthis and Vardhanthis is not a tribute to such reformers. We should execute our designated duties. Like Jyothirao Pule who fought for women empowerment and commenced first ever exclusive school for girls some 190 years ago, TTD is also committed to develop women education in its institutions”, he added.

Earlier in his inaugural speech Tirupati Jeo Sri P Bhaskar briefed about how Pule stood for the cause of social equality by waging war against the blind moms that existed during those days.

Speakers Sri Pasam Yadagiri, Senior Journalist and Pule Memorial Samithi Convenor, Sri Dinakar Murthy, Assistant Engineer of Panchayat Raj and Smt D Masthanamma of SV University in their addresses memorised the impeccable services of Jyothiba Pule which inspired even Dr BR Ambedkar and Gandhiji. They said Pule strongly felt that illiteracy is the main cause of social discrimination prevalent in the society. He quoted “Lack of education lead to lack of wisdom, Which leads to lack of morals, Which leads to lack of progress, Which leads to lack of money, Which leads to the oppression of the lower classes, See what state of the society one lack of education can cause!”.

He commenced education from his house with his wife Savitribai Pule and made her the first teacher of the country and also established first school for girls”, they added.They aspired that the students who attended the programme will learn the life of Pule couple and achieve new heights in their career.

In the conclusion the speech by Ms Samitha, accompanied by Ms Supriya in the guise of Savitribai Pule attracted the audience.

The meeting as also attended by Liaison Officer Sri Ravi Bhaskar, EE Manoharam, Welfare DyEO Sri Krishna Reddy, OSD Sri Lakshminarayana Yadav, Sri Muni Kumar, Sri Ramachandra and other employees.