• TTD sculptors transforming rocks into devotional Icons
• Sculpting deities to world since 1977
• Sculpture chisling centre with 60 sculptors @ Srivari Padam
• Global demand for Lords Idols

Tirupati, 11 FEB 2017: Unique idols of Hindu Gods and Goddess’s are taking shape in granite and other rocks at the Idol making units of the TTD.

Overseas and domestic demand is spiraling in the wake of the expertise of the TTD centre in chiseling the idols of various Hindu deities for installation in temples across the globe.
As part of its commitment to promote fine arts-music, dance etc for enhancing devotional elixir of Lord Venkateswara, the TTD also took up provision and production of idols to temples within the country and also abroad at subsidized costs.

In 1960, TTD established the Venkateswara Oriental Temple building training centre on the Alipiri road which has over years emerged as the singular institute of imparting sculpture training in the country. TTD commenced making of Idols for temples at this complex from 1977 onward.

On date 60 odd sculptors are engaged in the task of making temple idols of various sizes and designs and the gestation period is just six months for making of idols as prescribed by the buyers- normally temple committees. They include alumni of the TTD training centre and also traditional sculptors (stone cutters)

However as per the directions of the Executive Officer Dr D Sambasiva Rao, the gestation period is now reduced to just three months now.

The supine rocks – Krishnashila- needed for making idols are sourced at Arramgundram and Suradhamanur villages of Tamil Nadu. Each trained sculptor is given responsibility for making one idol at a time. TTD paid these sculptors on the piece rate basis on size, designs and other variable features of the idol.

Idol making is done in four sheds wherein the raw stone is first marked for the idol design and imprived as the sculpting progressed with the use of tools like drills, cuttors and dry guns, Among the idols made here include mostly hindu gods, folk deities and also idols of both / shaiva and Vaishnava cults.

The idols made in TTD are in great demand in view of cost effectiveness and institutions from Delhi, Bihar, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir besides US, UK, South Asian countries are placing orders with the TTD.

The sculpture making centre is under supervision of SE-1 Sri Ramesh Reddy along with Dy EE Sri Suresh Babu, AE Sri Mahender Reddy, Assistant Stapathi Sri V Munishankaraiah.