TIRUPATI, OCT 24: As the holy month of Karthika commenced on Friday, October 24, TTD is all set to perform special Karthika Masa homams in its famous Lord Shiva temple of Sri Kapileshwara Swamy in Tirupati from October 25 to November 22 almost for a period of month.

In this connection, Ankurarpanam to the month long festival fiesta has been performed on Friday. The festival fete begins with Ganapathi homam which will be performed on October 25 and 26, followed by Sri Subramanya Swamy Homam October 27, 28 and 29. The celestial wedding of Valli-Devayani Sametha Sri Subrahmanya Swamy will also be performed on the evening of October 29 by 6pm. The Grihasta Bhaktas who are willing to take part in this religious fete can pay Rs.250 per couple. On October 30 Sri Dakshina Murthy homam will be performed followed by Sri Kalabhairava Swamy homam on October 31.

Meanwhile the most important event of “Rudra Yagam” to Sri Kapileswara Swamy will be performed in a ceremonious manner from November 1 to November 11 for a period of 11 days and this will be succeeded by “Chandi Yagam” to Goddess Kamakshi Ammavaru from November 12 to 20 for a period of nine days. This will be followed by “Navagraha Homam” on November 21 and the month long rituals will be concluded by Sri Chandikeshwara Homam on November 22.

The Pilgrims who wish to take part in these homams can pay Rs.500 for two persons and they will be allowed to sit in the ritual for a day. The pilgrims should take part in these rituals only in traditional dress code.

TTD has organized cultural and devotional programmes by HDPP and Annamacharya projects on this occasion.