• Digitally designed electrical illuminations
• Mada street surrounded by boll boards and lighted arches
• More than 1.5 kms of electrical decorations at Tirumala

Tirumala, 8 October 2016: The huge electrical bill boards depicting the colorful profiles of Hindu deities and spectacular scenes from mythological legends are a special feature of the ongoing salakatla Brahmotsavam. As one stepped into the holy hill shrine devotees- by walk or by vehicles, the devotees were privy to massive electrical illumination of scenes from Lord Venkateswara’s Padmavathi Parinayam. ‘We have designed the illuminations this year with digital precision this year so that the spiritual inspiration flowed among the pilgrims from the moment they entered Tirumala ‘says the TTD EO Dr D Sambasiva Rao.

Some of them are 70 feet high and among them is a stunning replica of the Sanctum (Ananda Nilayam) of Srivari Temple Some of them were also donated by devotees like the one at GNC gate. Illuminations, lighting of trees and road dividers , colorful and glittering arches dominated the Tirumala landscape and the sky in the evenings giving an Vaikuntha ambience to devotees. Illuminations were taken up around nearly1.5 kms of Tirumala roads from GNC gates,across filters, Asthana mandapam, Kalyana katta, Rambagicha,Varaha guesthouse up to exhibition grounds, Similarly glitter of arches and lighted trees, guest houses etc at Shanku metta, SV guest house,Vaikuntha queue complex, Medurumetta, MBC etc exhilarated the devotees from the pain and sweat of walking and waiting at Tirumala.

In a major drive to magnify the spiritual quotient among the devotees coming for the Brahmotsavams, the TTD has put up massive decorative electrical installations, some of 70 feet height with the theme of devotion to Lord Venkateswara.’We have over 50 such electrical bill boards all around the Sacred Four Mada streets ‘says Sri Venkateswarlu the Superintendent Engineer (electricity) TTD.

The electrification of Mada streets,the worlds largest devotional open theater was a a wonder by itself. As one walked around the Mada streets or watched from Akhandam one would see massive LED’s and lighted models of God and Goddesses around the massive court yard of Srivari Temple. All were designed and put up by the TTD engineers with a dedicated devotion to make the event-nine day Brahmotsavam a grand success. ‘We deployed nearly 300 persons and sweat for almost three months ‘ to put up the show ‘says a senior TTD official. TTD has put up over LEDs all along Mada streets, near bus stand, guest houses and also traffic junctions.”The idea is that if the devotees are stuck in crowds and traffic,they need not panic but view the vahanams from where they are ‘says the TTD EO.

TTD has attracted donors for the electrical works also. Donars had come forward to put up electrical LED/specially illuminated arches and bill boards, cut outs at all important junctions and locations in entire Tirumala for enhancing the devotional environment of Tirumala. Asked what is special about the bill boards a senior TTD electrical department official said ‘We have used technology in designing the illuminations so that you will find that the bill boards stand out and attractive than before.

The TTD had also taken up adequate safety measures to ensure that illuminations do not cause any crisis or accidents. ‘Wire mesh is placed around the bill boards and also security personal is posted near them at all congested locations. Elaborate arrangements are made to guide the devotees around Tirumala to visit the exhibitions,museums, mada street and avoid trouble spots by monitoring through the CC cameras. We have put up more illuminations with the objective of providing a devotional environment to pilgrims so that they go back with profound memories of the Brahmotsavam festival” says the TTD EO.