Inauguration of Alwar Tank ‘Q’ line at Tirumala

Tirupati 15, May 15, 2009: Dr K.V.Ramanachary, Executive Officer, TTDs has today inaugurated Alwar Tank developmental works and Spl Q Lines around Alwar Tank taken up at a cost of Rs. 5 crores on Friday morning.

Speaking on the occasion the Executive Officer further informed that steps would be taken to provide additional facilities with the newly constructed Q lines like a supply of free food, toilet facilities, drinking water etc and create a spiritual ambience around the Q lines and thro modernized Anantha Alwar Tank.

Mr Ramanachary also said the new Q line would provide both shelter and shade to the waiting devotees outside the Vaikuntam Q complex, so far the devotees had been standing in serpentine ‘Q’ lines without shade and shelter for hours together during peak and festival days. When the Vainkuntam ‘Q’ Complex-II is full. He said that this inconvenience to the devotees is eliminated forever.

Mr Ramanachary also informed that the Sri Shyamsundar Reddy of M/s Indu Projects Ltd donated total amount of Rs. 5crores for taken up these works.

Sri A.V.Dharma Reddy, Spl Officer, TTDs, Sri PVS Ramakrishna, C.V&S.O, VSB Koteswara Rao, Chief Engineer, TTDs, Sri Ramachandra Reddy, Sudpt Engineer, Sri Sidda Reddy, DyE.O Temple, Sr. Engineers and others were also present.