Inauguration of Dispensary issue of the practice of other religions on Tirumala

Tirupati, July 8


·         EO inaugurates a  dispensary at ATC circle for benefit of devotees

·         EO says Tirumala is protected by law against the propagation and practice of other religions.

·         Proposal to scrutinize antecedents and religious faiths f workers in hotels and mutts.

·         Only those with belief and faith in Lord Venkateswara and Hinduism can come visiting and also stay at Tirumala


The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam will henceforth tighten vigilance on Tirumala hill shrine to contain visits and stay of non-believers either as devotees or workers in various private units like hotels ,mutts etc. 


Disclosing this the TTD Executive Officer Sri L V Subramaniam said the temple administration is examining proposals as to whether the workers of various hotels and shops  also should be made to declare their belief in Lord Venkateswara. People of other faiths wanting to have darshan of Lord Venkateswara are expected to sign a declaration that they are believes in Hindu religious philosophy and Lord Venkateswara.


The EO made these comments in response to media queries on the arrest of seven youths belonging to Orissa and West Bengal who were working in hotels at Tirumala and allegedly kept incriminating material with them. He said that the urban police have been investigating the youth at tirupati and facts have to been known. However, he has clarified that the youth were not involved in any propagation of other religion.


Sri L.V. Subramanyam said that he has directed the vigilance and security department of TTD to investigate and report within one week on all workers in private organizations on Tirumala and also scrutinize their antecedents.


Earlier Sri Subramaniam inaugurated a new dispensary at the ATC circle on Tirumala for the benefit of devotees visiting the hill shrine. The ATC circle is the closest junction for all devotees coming by walk and road ways before they enter the Vaikuntam Queue complex. ‘I am confident that the devotees will take full benefit of the dispensary meant for their welfare ” he said.


“Tirumala is a holiest of religious places for Hindus and either propagation or practice of other religions within the jurisdiction of this hill shrine is strictly prohibited by law “he said.


The EO said that the vigilance department will inspect and scrutinize the workers in all the establishments in Tirumala including the Mutts. “We are also examining a proposal whether all workers and residents in various Mutts of  Tirumala should be asked to give a declaration of their belief and faith in Lord Venkateswara before they are allowed to work and reside on the hill shrine on long-term basis  “he said.