Tirumala, 12 Apr. 17: The management is looking at possible ways to implement Government of India’s Health and accidental insurance cover to the locals of Tirumala said TTD Dr D Sambasiva Rao.

The weekly review meeting held at Annmaiah Bhavan in Tirumala on Wednesday. The EO reviewed in detail about the developmental activities with respect each and every department.

Later speaking to media persons, the EO said, “All our contract employees have been brought under this health, accident and life insurance cover schemes of state and central governments. We are also looking at the same to be applicable to Tirumala locals too”, he added.

“We have geared up for summer pilgrim rush. As the results of various exams are expected soon, all the departments have set ready to handle the pilgrim influx. The Annaprasadam wing is set ready to provide 50thousand buttermilk packets from this week end till June. They have also designed a schedule of menu to be served in Vaikuntham compartments. We have also readied four temporary sheds each for Divya Darshan and Sarva Darshan pilgrims in Narayanagiri Gardens with toilet facilities.

Elaborating further the EO said, “In view of summer rush we have taken some decisions which are yielding good results. With the restriction of VIP break Darshan only to protocol VIPs during week ends, with the cancellation of morning slot for aged and physically challenged during Fridays, has enabled Darshan to more number of pilgrims without outside lines. We have implemented the two pillar system which is giving fruitful results in providing Darshan to pilgrims within two hours after the release of their compartments. The recent figures on Saturday and Sunday which witnessed over 92thousands and almost 90thousands respectively is a clear indication of the effective crowd management measures”, he maintained.

The EO also said, the movement of vehicles in the ghat road has been relaxed on a trial basis for an hour till June. “Instead of 12 am to 3am, the ghat road will be now closed from 12 am till 2am. This will enable the arjitha Seva and break Darshan devotees to book rooms in Tirupati there by decreasing pressure in Tirumala for accommodation”, he observed.

Meanwhile in the meeting the EO also instructed the TTD PRO Dr T Ravi to publish the Call Centre, toll free and mobile app details in all the new books which are under printing to popularise among devotees.

The EO also instructed the vigilance wing officials to see that the ghee tankers, BG dal and sugar lorries be allowed to ply on ghat road without time restrictions.

In the review meeting senior officers of all departments including CE Sri Chandrasekhar Reddy, Additional FACAO Sri Balaji and others were also present.