• TTD EO reviews arrangements for Pushkarini Chakra snanam
• BTU concluding at PAT on Sunday with Chakrananam
• 2.5 lakh packets of water and meals /snacks for 50,000 readied
• Alerts on snanam slots on SVBC, FM Radio
• Traffic diversions on FB and Whatsapp, TPT urban SP

Tirupati, 1 December 2016: TTD EO Dr D Sambasiva Rao today said that all arrangements were made for the Panchami Theertham chakrasnanam at 12.35 hours on December 4 as part of the concluding day events of the on-going Brahmotsavam of Padmavati Ammavari temple at Tiruchanoor on December 4.

After a review of the arrangements for the holy event, the TTD EO told media that the Pushkarini chakra snanam will be valid for three days and all devotees can par take the holy bath in the Pushkarini till December 6 and beget the blessings of Goddess Padmavathi. He advised them not to put themselves in haste to take bath on same day and face inconveniences.

The EO also inspected the Pushkarini gates, queue lines and also barricades and instructed the officials to take all precautions to ensure smooth conduction of the event and avoid untowards incidents. After the grand ritual of the Chakra snanam of the Goddess, the general public will be allowed to enter the Pushkarini after 9.00 AM, he said.

He said all security, transport and food arrangements were made for smooth conduct of the event on December 4, so that over a lakh devotees can take bath comfortably. In one slot about 30,000 devotees can take bath and arrangements made through FM radio and SVBC alerts to devotees for the next batch of snanam.

He said TTD has made arrangements for providing 2.5 lakh packets of drinking water and food for 50,000 devotees on the Panchami theertham day at Tiruchanoor. In the morning Semiya upma, Upma and Pongal will be served while in the afternoon Kadambam and Curd rice, Pulihora will be provided to devotees coming for Chakra snanam.

Tirupati JEO Sri Pola Bhaskar said TTD has made all arrangements for smooth conduction of the Panchami Theertham event on the 9 day of the ongoing Brahmotsavam of PAT and appealed to all devotees to take full advantage of the facilities and beget blessings of the Goddess Padmavathi.

Speaking on the Occasion the Smt Jayalakshmi, the Tirupati Urban SP said police have made all security arrangements to divert the traffic on the holy day and made elaborate arrangements for the parking of vehicles.

She said the Pushkarini at PAT had a hoary legend and hence all devotees should utilise the opportunity by taking bath comfortably on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

TTD CVSO Sri G Srinivas, Chief Engineer Sri Chandrasekhar Reddy, SEs Sri Ramulu, Sri Venkateswarlu, Spl Gr DyEO Sri Munirathnam Reddy, Health Officer Dr Sharmista, AEO Sri Radhakrishna participated in the event .