Tirumala, AUG 6: The annual three-day Pavitrotsavams will take place in Tirumala temple from August 25-27 with Ankurarpanam on August 24.

The Pavitrotsavam is an annual ritual that is being observed on the auspicious Shravanam Suddha Dasami day ever year. Pavitritsavam is derived from the combination of two words Pavitra (holy) and utsava (festival). This utsava is penitential as well as propitiatory.

The chief objective of this festival is to get rid of the evil that might have been caused due to omissions and commissions in the performance of various rituals throughout the year committed knowingly or unknowingly by temple staff, archakas and even devotees.

Because of this significance, this festival is also known as Dosha Nivaarana (error correction),Sarva Yajna Phalapradha (The One ritual that equals the holiness of rites all year long),Sarva Doshopasamana (Removal of all errors) utsavam also as described in many Puranas.

The origin of Pavitrotsavam in Tirumala dates back to 1463 A.D. according to reference available on stone inscription found on the northern wall of the Vagapadi in the first Prakaram of Tirumala temple. The festival was instituted by Saluva Malliah Deva Raja during the time of Saluva Narasimha Raya. The festival is believed to have been conducted till 1562 A.D. after which the ritual was stalled due to unknown reasons. TTD has revived from 1962 onwards.

On these three days there will be Snapana tirumanjanam from 9am to 11am and procession of Utsavarulu every day evening between 6pm to 8pm. On final day, the festival concludes with Purnahuti.

TTD has cancelled all Arjitha Sevas during these three days in Tirumala Temple. TTD officials will take part in this religious fete.