Tirumala, 16 January 2014: Thousands of devotees on Thursday witnessed with enthusiasm the interesting “Divine Love Game”-Pranaya Kalahotsavam of Lord and His Consorts that was being observed at the sacred shrine of Lord Venkateswara.

In this unique love game, the two divine consorts – Sri devi and Bhu devi expressed their resentment with the Lord while he endeavours winning their hearts.

The interesting festival starts with all the three deities reaching the north-east corner of the hill temple in opposite directions (with both the goddesses from one side and Lord in opposite side) on their respective golden palanquins.

The priests also divided themselves into two groups. While the first group stood by the side of the lord, the second represented the consorts. After indulging in a few love baits, both groups engaged in lofting of flower balls at each other.

The priests, on behalf of the two Consorts recited some Pasurams from Alwar Divya Prabandham in Ninda Stuti style (form of praising the lord with apparent criticism).

After that the Consorts threw floral balls at the lord and He tried to escape from them. This fete provided divine feast to thousands of pilgrims who were converged here to witness the game of “Celestial Love Bait”. Finally, with the lord pacifying His Consorts the ritual came to an end.

The pilgrims who congregated for the event enjoyed every moment of the ritual.

The TTD Chairman Sri K Bapiraju, EO Sri MG Gopal, other officers, priests and pilgrims in huge numbers took part in the unique festival.