TIRUMALA, NOVEMBER 18: “Protecting sanctity of Tirumala is the chief motto of every employee of TTD”, said Tirumala JEO Sri KS Sreenivasa Raju.

Administering the oath to protect the sanctity of Tirumala and fight against the proselytisation attempts by miscreants with over 3000 odd sanitary workers, sulabh workers and other health department staff members in Tirumala at Mullakunta park on Tuesday, the JEO called upon them that it is the bounden duty and responsibility of every employee of TTD whether he or she is a regular or a contract employee, to protect the sanctity of Tirumala and strictly abide to the TTD rules while discharging duties.

He said, In the wake of proselytization attempts by an evangelic group which created flutters in Tirumala recently, TTD has taken this step to take a oath to fight against these evangelic attempts and protect the reputation of TTD. “The entire world is looking at each and every action or inaction of TTD. Our salaries are being paid out of the offerings made the pilgrims. So it become the foremost responsibility and duty of every employee of TTD to abide towards the protection of the sanctity of the temple. If some miscreants are trying to defame the reputation of our temple and institution, every employ should fight against this extremity”, he alarmed.

“If you come across any such incidence or any person, immediately inform to vigilance toll free number 1800-425-4141 and lodge a complaint without delay. I also thank the police department for their immediate course of action in taking against the miscreants who created flutters with evangelic attempts”, he added.

Later, the Srivari temple Deputy EO Sri C Ramana administered the oath with the workers and staff members of Health Department.

Health Officer Dr Venkatramana and other health department officials were also present.