GUNTUR, APRIL 11: Braving the bright sun which crossed little over 35 degrees on Celsius scale on Saturday, the denizens of Guntur are caught hold by the spiritual temperature which was clearly visualised in Police Parade Grounds on the day of Venkateswara Vaibhavotsavams, the special religious programme mulled by TTD.

All the roads in Guntur led to this spacious ground and the arrival of devotees commenced by 4am itself. Tens of thousands of devotees blessed their lives witnessing the daily arjitha sevas including Suprabhatam, Thomala, Archana, Sahasra Deepalankarana Seva and Ekantha Seva that were performed to the replica of Lord Venkateswara in the finely decked mandapam resembling Ananda Nilayam Vimanam of Tirumala from 6am till 11pm.

Earlier, the day started with Suprabhatam, performed between 6am to 6:30am. Suprabhatam is the first and foremost pre-dawn seva performed in the temple of Lord Venkateswara. This ritual is performed at Sayana Mandapam inside sanctum sanctorum to wake up the Lord from His celestial sleep, amidst the rhythmic chanting of vedic hymns.

Suprabhatam was composed by Prativadi Bhayankara Annan, a disciple of the celebrated Vaishnava Preceptor, Manavala Mamuni consists of a total of 70 slokas. The archakas replicated the same procedure.

This was later followed by Thomala seva between 6:30am to 7am.

“Thomala” means a garland of flowers. The presiding deity was decorated with exquisitely tied colourful floral and Tulasi garlands after awakening Him from celestial sleep with Suprabhata Seva. The flower garlands are made into several pieces and were adorned to Lord to enhance His Divine beauty in a spectacular manner.

Thomala was followed by Archana Seva between 7:30am to 8:15am where in the various names of Lord were recited seeking His divine blessings for the prosperity of the entire humanity.

Also known as Sahasranamarchana, this arjitha seva deals with the recitation of 1008 glorious names of Lord.

The Venkateswara Sahasranamarchana is unique to Tirumala shrine only and it is clearly mentioned in the inscription dated back to 1518 AD. The denizens of Guntur got an opportunity to witness such a rare seva.

Later Nivedana and Sattumora are performed where various annaprasadams are offered to lord.
Later the devotees are allowed for Sarva Darshanam from 10am to 5.30pm.

Sahasra Deepalankara Seva was performed in the evening between 5:30pm to 6pm where the replicas of the processional deities of Sri Malayappa Swamy, Sridevi and Bhudevi dressed with dazzling garments and jewels seated on a swing in the background of 1008 ghee lit lamps and unjal seva is performed. The denizens were thrilled to witness the glory of Lord and His Consorts in the brightness of ghee lights.

Later procession of the deities carried and in the evening the celestial wedding-“Srinivasa Kalyanam” was performed. The devotees were spell bound by the beauty and glory of the deities.

The day concluded with the last ritual, Ekanta Seva. Sri Bhoga Srinivasa Murthi, the silver image of the main deity is put for a celestial sleep in the Sayana Mantapam on a golden cot amidst chanting of vedic mantras. A descendant of Saint Annamacharya rendered lullabies and Vengamamba Harati was also offered in late night of Saturday marking the conclusion of daily rituals.

Brahmasri Chaganti Koteswara Rao narrated the significance of each and every ritual in detail for the benefit of the denizens.

Tirupati JEO Sri P Bhaskar, HDPP SO Sri Sriram Raghunath and others were also present.