Tirumala, 18 September 2015: The hill shrine of Tirumala is now kept spick and span for the Brahmotsavam flood of devotees with adequate water points , garbage bins and a clean environment to enhance the spiritual environment on the four mada streets where the Lord Venkateswara rode daily in choicest vahanams to give darshan to a larger audience.

Dr Sharmista , chief health officer of TTD says that special arrangements have been made to test all food articles at random at the special lab set in Tirumala to ensure against pollution and medical contingencies. ‘We are testing even the laddu prasadam and the anna prasadams for maintaining quality and quantity ” she said

The SV Food and Analysis Lab has been set up for comprehensive checking of all ingredients used in the Tirupati laddu. The lab will also test other eatables sold to pilgrims in the temple shrine .The lab will also ensure that all ingredients purchased for preparation of Anna Prasadams including the laddu are of high quality and there is no contamination of water.’We have directed hotels to ensure that only clean , hygiene and hot food is sold to pilgrims.

She said TTD has made elaborate arrangements with 3000 workers (including 600 outsourced) workers to keep the premises of the hill shrine clean on a 23×7 basis. All the water points are cleaned twice every day . 17 medical camps were set up. The TTD has already appointed three microbiologists, two dairy technologists, two food technologists and a biochemist for carrying out the food analysis process.

Dr.Shermista said Tirumala generated 50 tones of garbage, both degradable and non degradable including plastics and expected the number to up to 90 tons during the Brahmotsavams.’ We have put special vehicles and workers on garbage cleaning duties on a round the clock basis to ensure that the spiritual environment of Tirumala is not spoiled and devotees are not put to any inconvenience and hardships.

In Tirumala, nearly a lakh of people are there on a given day. The TTD canteen alone supplies food for 50,000 people and others are dependent on other eateries including hotels. "The laddu is the most sought after prasadam and we should ensure its quality is not affected in any manner. Hence we will test the jaggery, sugar, dal and other ingredients before preparing the prasadam,” she explained.