Tirumala, 16 Jan 2016: Every day is a festival day in Tirumala and if three festivals coincides on a single day, then the joy of pilgrims knew no bounds. Saturday witnessed similar religious fervour in the hill town as three festivals including Kaka Bali, Goda Parinayam and Paruveta Utsavam were performed in Tirumala temple on the auspicious Kanuma day.

KAKA BALI: Earlier the day began with an interesting and unique ritual, “Kaka Bali” which was observed inside the Srivari temple during the wee hours as per the norms of Vaikhanasa Agama.
Every year on Kanuma Day, this special food offering will be rendered to Ananda Nilaya Vimana Venkateswara Swamy located in the inner prakaram of Tirumala temple. The archakas mixed turmeric and vermilion separately in cooked rice and threw it over Ananda Nilayam as a part of this celestial fete. Meanwhile this ritual was observed at 4:15am between Thomala seva and Koluvu.

GODA PARINAYAM: Later in the day at around 10am, the chief pontiff of Pedda Jiyangar Mutt handed over special Andal Sri Goda Devi garlands brought from Sri Govinda Raja Swamy temple. These sacred garlands were taken on a procession in the four mada streets and later adorned to the presiding deity as a part of Goda Parinayam.

PARUVETA UTSAVAM: The processional deities of Lord Sri Malayappa Swamy and Lord Sri krishna Swamy, seated on separate palanquins, were taken for a pleasure hunt to Paruveta Mandapam in Tirumala from the main shrine in a colourful procession.
Lord Malayappa Swamy in the Sarvabhoopala avatar sporting conch, disc, mace, bow and arrow, accompanied by Lord Sri Krishna Swamy, enthralled the devotees, who gathered to witness the event.

CELESTIAL MOCK HUNT:Here the annual celestial Utsavam was performed with religious pomp and gaiety with the processional deities of Lord Malayappa Swamy and Lord Srikrishna Swamy throwing the weapons at replica of wild animals in the green woods of Seschachala ranges and mock hunt was executed. Temple priests and officials on behalf of Lord Malayappa and Lord Krishna Swamy participated in this celestial hunt festival on the auspicious Kanuma day.

Thousands of devotees witnessed this unique utsavam with anxiety at Paruveta Mandapam in Tirumala. Hindu Dharma Prachara Parishad, Annamacharya Project artistes presented devotional and cultural programmes on the occasion. After the customary rituals, the deities were taken back to the main temple.
Meanwhile the temple administration has cancelled all the arjitha sevas on Saturday owning to this festival.