TIRUMALA, MAY 31: TTD Executive Officer Sri MG Gopal on Saturday said that the top priority of the temple administration is to provide hassle free darshan to tens of thousands of visiting pilgrims and will always looks out for pro-pilgrim initiatives at regular intervals.

After inspecting the newly introduced three-layered queue system inside sanctum sanctorum of Lord Venkateswara at Tirumala along with media persons, he said, he  as been often receiving complaints from majority of pilgrims during “Dial Your EO”,  hrough e-mail, letters, phone calls etc. about the push and pull taking place in side the sanctum sanctorum. “We have been trying various methods of darshan to avoid this and finally implemented this three-layered darshan system a week before. So far it has proved to be successful”, he added.

Adding further the TTD EO said, the TTD engineering officials have set up wooden platforms of different sizes to form three layers in order to provide hassle free darshan to the pilgrims. The first platform was raised to a height of 16 inches, while the second to 7 inches and the third one executed on the floor level and these variations in platforms enabled pilgrims to witness the Lord Venkateswara without any push and pull. However with this new darshan system, the pilgrims could now be able to witness the Lord for 3-5seconds per head and as a result the waiting hours of pilgrims have comparatively increased. But we have made elaborate arrangements of food, buttermilk, water etc. in the waiting compartments and queue lines to see that pilgrims are not put to any sort of inconvenience. Even the pilgrims also expressed   immense satisfaction about this new system of darshan”, he reiterated.

Later Tirumala JEO Sri KS Sreenivasa Raju said the new 3 layered queue line system which is the brain child of EO Sri MG Gopal is proving to be a boon to pilgrims since they could able to witness Lord Venkateswara without any inconvenience. Earlier in Maha laghu about 4200 pilgrims used to have darshan per hour but in this new system we could able to provide darshan to 4420 pilgrims in an hour.

Temple Deputy EO Sri C Ramana and other officials were also present.