Tirumala, 29 January 2017: Now the pilgrims need not have to ferry rice bags or Jaggery or carry heaps of coins into the temple of Lord Venkateswara at Tirumala to present the same as per their weight to the deity to fulfil their vow to the deity. The devotees can now pay equivalent cash to the weight of the material or grocery they wished to donate!

From time immemorial the devotees who throng Tirumala shrine have been contributing as per the weight of their children or themselves as per their vow seeking well being. The practice of weighing the child or adult in rice, jaggery, sugar and sugar candy besides coins is one of the famous wish fulfilling deeds of a pilgrim in this hill temple.

TTD has simplified the procedure of Thulabharam inside Srivari Temple and made it convenient for both the devotee and also for the Institution. From the tough task of handling tonnes of coins earlier, now the devotees can pay the cash equal to the price of the grocery on that day.

Under the new procedure the TTD accepts all offerings in form of cash only and fixed rates as per quantity to the weight of person or child. The enlisted values includes for one kg of 50 paisa is Rs.151, for Rs.1 per kilo is Rs.202/-, Rs.2 per kilo is Rs.232/-, Rs.5 per kilo is Rs.505. However if someone pilgrims brings coins, it will be weighed first in Tulabharam before the pilgrim offers the same in Srivari Hundi.

The entire process of Thulabharam accounts is handled by two nationalised banks, Indian Bank and Syndicate bank.