Tirumala,24 January 2016: TTD Chairman Dr Ch Krishnamurthy said today that Vedas were fountain head of Indian ancient knowledge which was handed down by our ancestors by word of mouth in the gurukul tradition of education.

He was inaugurating the Veda Mahotsavam organised under the auspices of the SV Higher Vedic studies Institute at the Asthana Mandapam on sunday evening. Earlier the event was blessed by HH Sri Sri Ranga Ramanuja Pedda Jeeyar.

Addressing a gathering of erudite vedic pundits and exponents TTD Chairman Dr Ch Krishnamurthy said that it was the responsibility of every one to ensure protection and preservation of the treasure cove of Vedas for benefit of future generations and that Vedic pundits and their imparting of vedic knowledge has already won laurels in towns and villages. India has become home for peace, promotion of spiritualism and devotional culture as a result of propagation of vedic culture and studies.TTD is committed to promotion of dharmic values and the recent Veda Parayana with 1500 Vedic pundits at the Pournami Garuda Seva is a laudable effort, he said.

TTD Executive Officer, Dr D Sambasiva Rao said that the concept of Sanathana Dharma evolved from the Vedas only and hence every one should follow and imbibe the basic tenets of Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha. As part of its commitment for promotion of Vedas and propagation of Hindu dharma TTD has set up SV Vedic University, seven veda pathashalas all over country where in nearly 1000 students were undertaking Vedic education. TTD is also publishing the guidelines for Veda practices in the Sapthagiri magazine. and also provided financial aid to nearly 105 veda pathasalas across the country. Nearly 1200 vedic pundits are conducting Veda parayanam in all the TTD assisted temples , he said.

The EO said further that for the well being of the mankind, 1500 veda pundits of all sectors of Vedas are performing veda parayana in the TTD temples. TTD would provide all facilities and support to all those who would take up Kumara Adhyapaka courses at TTD aided institutions. ‘Study of vedas and promotion of vedic culture should be promote as a movement in the country in order to ensure that people were made aware of its benefits”. TTD had conducted a survey on the need for promotion of vedas among the vedic pundits who had all been participating in the Veda Mahotsavam and the feed back will be utilised for setting new guide lines and corrective steps in that direction he said.

Participating as the chief guest and The JEO Sri K S Srinivasa Raju to witness and listen to the Veda parayan before the Srivari Temple was a life time opportunity. TTD was committed to not only protection of vedas but also looking after the well being of the vedic pundits, The Veda parayanam will commence from Srivari Temple behind the Pournami Garuda Seva vahanam.

Another affectionate guest of the evening JEO Tirupati, Sri Pala Bhaskar said that strategies and plans were made for conducting Veda Mahotsavam will be conducted every year and also gave directions on how the veda pundits should conduct themselves on the Four Mada streets.

TTD projects special officer N Mukteswara Rao said it was an auspicious day as Pournami has fallen in the Uttarayana and Lord Venkateswara was a great apostle of Vedas. Vice chancellor of SV Vedic University Devanathan said TTD has made the herculean task of brining all the top vedic exponents together under one roof.

Temple DyEO Sri Chinnamagari Ramana, Dr Samudhrala Lakshmaiah, prominent vedic exponent Tata Charyulu, Member of SV University Governing Council Dr Vishnubhotla Subramanya Shastri, and Sri R Venkatraman spoke on the occasion. Later around 1500 vedic exponents of Shuklayajur Vedam, Krishnayajur vedam, Sama Vedam, Rig Vedam, Atharvana Vedam from Karnataka, Odisha, AP, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Assam and Goa etc rendered Veda Parayanam around the Four Mada streets behind the Garuda Seva Vahanam at 7.00 PM.

Among others who participated were Spl Officer Dasa Sahitya Project Sri Ananda Theerthacharyalu, AEO OF SV Higher Vedic Studies Sri Govindarajan.