TIRUPATI, FEB 7: TTD EO Dr D Samba Siva Rao advocated that renowned scholar, researcher and a literary expert, Sriman Veturi Prabhakara Shastry immortalised his name through his great works and multifaceted talent.

Addressing on the life of Sriman Veturi Prabhakara Shastry in meeting jointly organised by Veturi Vangamaya Peetham of TTD and SP Mahila Varsity in Saveri guest house of the varsity premises on Saturday on the occasion of the 127th Birth Anniversary of the great person, the EO said Veturi dedicated his entire life in reviving telugu literature through his great works. As a publisher and writer, he introduced to Telugu people several ancient texts. He discovered the copper scripts of Annamayya’s poetry and introduced them to Telugu people by virtue of the amazing depth of his diverse passions.

The EO said at a tender age of 18 Sastry set his eyes on a great scholarly and creative adventure and continued his literary legacy till his last breath in 1950. His astounding accomplishments landed him the job of the Head of Telugu departments at the Sri Venkateswara Oriental Research Institute and the Oriental College in Tirupati. He also collected numerous artefacts of historical importance which were preserved in TTD museum in Tirupati.

The EO called upon the students to take up research on the works of Sriman Veturi. Even more crucially important is to revive the legacy of his diligent research and bring it back into the Telugu academic world which could be done by students. TTD is also contemplating to encourage students with special financial aids for those who are coming forward to take up research works on Veturi, he added.

Later Varsity VC Smt Ratnakumari said, the great research works by Veturi has given a new dimension to Telugu literature. There is need to introduce the life history such great persons in the academics from the school level for the knowledge of the students, she maintained.

Earlier Veturi Vangamaya Peetham Special Officer Dr Samudrala Lakshmanaiah said, Veturi unearthed palm scripts of Ranganadha’s Ragadalu, published Tanjavuri Andhra Rajula Charitra, Srinadha Vaibhavamu, Sringara Srinadham, Manu Charitra, Basava Puranam etc. with elaborate introductions. He said, he identified first Telugu Word “Nagabu” through his astounding research.The collection and publication of thousands of free standing poems called Chaatu Padyaalu from manuscripts and people as Chaatu Padya Mani Manjari in 1913 was his first major accomplishment. The Prabandha Ratnavali published in 1918 brought together available extracts from hundreds of Telugu poetic works which were lost, till then unknown or available only in fragments. He emended and published more than 40 great Telugu and Sanskrit works for the first time, including Uttara Harivamsam, Ranganadha Ragadalu, Tanjavuri Andhra Rajula Charitra, Basavoddharana and Sara Sangraha Ganitam with elaborate critical introductions.

Later TTD EO also released Udbhataradhya Charitra, Vangmaya Sikharam Prabhakaram, Prabandha Ratnavali books on this auspicious occasion.

The meeting was presided over by Telugu Department HOD Smt Vijaya Lakshmi of the varsity. Telugu veteran scholars Dr HS Brahmananda, Prof K Sarvottama Rao, Sri Mudivarthi Kondamacharyulu and others were also present.