Fruit decorations for Srivari Snapana Thirumanjanam


Fruit decorations for Srivari Snapana Thirumanjanam

·      Blue berries from Thailand, Yellow grapes from South Africa

·      Donors from Dindigul, Thiruvur

·      Straw berry  garlands &  bitter gourd kiritams

·      250-300 kgs of  fruits displayed at Snapana ritual

Tirumala: September 27: Blue berries from Thailand and Yellow grapes from South Africa. Garlands made of straw berries and kiritam (crowns) with Orchids and Bitter-gourd.

These fruits were the surprise display at the Snapana Thirumanjanam ritual at the Swamivari temple at Tirumala as part of the ongoing Brahmotsavam-2014. Not just garlands, a massive green canopy made out of grapes, apple, sweet lemon, apple, banana and pineapple etc spread over 5×10 umbrealla space over the utsava deities of Sridevi, Malayappaswami and Bhoodevi enthralled the devotees and pilgrims. The fruit decorations were showcased at the Thirumanjanam during the 2, 3rd and fourth day of the Brahmotsavam.

The Vaishnava symbols of chakra and Shanku decked up with white, red and green beans were also placed atop the  green fruit canopy. ‘ The objective is to display that the Lord Venkateswara was very close to nature and the rituals were performed  in natural surroundings‘ says the Agama advisor Sundara Varada Bhattacharya who performed the  Snapana Thirumanjanam under the watchful eye of the Jeeyar.

The rest of the 80 square feet space of Rangayakula mandapam where the hoary and holy ritual is performed during the Brahmotsavam also sparkled with sweet smell of green fruits and scent of flowers. Flower and fruit decorations are showcased during the Brahmotsavam at the ritual of Thirumanjanam and also the decorations  at the Srivari temple ,social medians and the exhibitions.

‘We have been presenting variety  of flowers  at the ritual in the past, but for the first time we have introduced the fruit decorations‘ says S.Srinivasulu, the garden  superintendent of TTD. Nearly 250-300 kgs of fruits  were utilized for decorations.  Even the deities were decked up with garlands of strawberries and crowns of  orchids and bitter –gourd, well known as the preference of the Lord Venkateswara.

Most of the flowers and fruits were donates by some philanthropists from Tiruvur ,Dindigul and Avirali in Tamil Nadu.’ We witness such decorations at a event in Bangarupet and hence have been replicating the fruit decorations at Tirumala during the Brahmotsavam, says Guruswami, a temple superintendent in charge of Thirumanjanam event.

Prominent exotic fruits used in the decorations at the Ranganayakula mandapam were blue berries (Thailand),Yellow grapes (south Africa), dragon fruits, plums, Anjur grapes, Amla, strawberries, white berries, Green apple,sugar cane,bananas, bitter gourd. The lord was adorned with crowns (kiritam) made of strawberries, orchids and bitter-gourd during the Thirumanjanam.

The entire celestial event was telecast by the SVBC channel for the benefit of the devotees and pilgrims.