TIRUPATI, Aug 14: As a part of the third phase of Managudi programme which is scheduled to take place across the state on August 21, Gopuja Mahotsavam has been at Sri Govindaraja Swamy temple in Tirupati on Wednesday.
TTD Jointe Executive Officer Sri P.Venkatarami Reddy who took part in this religious fete said, Cow is considered to be the holiest being on the earth and hence the Hindus worship Cow as equivalent to Mother. He said the fete is performed at almost 400 temples across the state. “If you worship Mother Cow, you will be offering your prayers to all the three crore deities mentioned in Hindu scriptures since Cow is an embodiment of all deities. Hindus strongly believe that In its forehead stays Lord Shiva, in its horns resides Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu, in the nose Lord Subrahmanya Swamy etc. In good olden days, every pilgrim used to offer his or her first prayers to Cow before having darshan of presiding deity. That is the importance which has been given to Cow in our religion”, he added.
“Every extract of cow including ghee, milk, curd and even the dung and urine are considered to healthy and holy and is very useful to human life to lead a healthy life”, he added. 
Earlier the JEO along with DPP Spl Officer Sri Raghunath performed Gopuja in a traditional way.
Local Temples DyEO Sri Chandrasekhar Pillai, Temple AEO, Staff and devotees took part.