Tirumala, 15 October 2015: It goes beyond doubt that millions of Hindus across the globe strongly believe that their life will not be complete without the Darshan of Lord Venkateswara at least once in their life time and it is the only path for attaining “Moksha”- salvation.

That is why tens of thousands of pilgrims throng Tirumala hill shrine every day to catch the divine glimpse of the bejewelled and flower decked deity of Lord Venkateswara. The devotion of devotees finds no bound come on foot, crawling on their knee caps, rolling on ground and also by motor vehicles in spite of all hardships for Lords Darshan.

For benefit of over 60,000 to 80,000 pilgrims that visit the Sri Venkateswara Temple every day, TTD has initiated efficient systems of Darshan including Sarva Darshan(free), Divya Darshan(Footpath), Special Entry Darshan(Rs.300), Sudarshan(Rs.50).

Sarva Darshan is the free darshan where in the pilgrims wait for their turn to catch the glimpse of Lord in the compartments of Vaikuntham Queue Complex II. Sarvadarsanam means ‘Darshan for All’. On normal days, about 18 hours are allotted for Sarvadarsanam and on peak days, it is open for 20 hours. The entrance for this darshan is through the Vaikuntam Queue Complex II which has a series of inter-connected halls leading to the main temple. Besides an efficient queue system, the halls in the Queue Complex are clean, spacious and airy.

Divya Darshan is darshan for the foot path walkers whose number is on the rise every day. The pilgrims who trek Alipiri and Srivari Mettu footpath routes to reach Tirumala come under this category. TTD has arranged free bus facility from Railway Station to Alipiri or Srivari Mettu to transport the pilgrims who desire to trek the respective foot path routes as per their choice.

A free luggage counter has been arranged at Alipiri where in pilgrims can deposit their luggage. In Tirumala free accommodation is available for them in PACs (Pilgrim Amenities Complex), free tonsuring, free Darshan and free meals are also available at Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba Annaprasada Bhavan or at PAC II.

The Special Entry Darshan (Pratyeka Pravesha Darshan) was introduced in 2009 to provide quick Darshan to the Pilgrims at a cost of Rs.300/- per pilgrim. The on-line advance Booking of Special Entry Darshan introduced in August 2014 with selected time slots. The devotees can book tickets through online in (www.ttdsevaonline.com), e-Darshan Counters and Indian Post Offices. While the NRIs and in-service defence persons will be allowed through Supadham entry on purchase of Rs.300 tickets by producing relevant documents and passport.

Previleged Darshan: Besides these the TTD has also created special windows for free and easy darshan for aged (above 65), physically handicapped through a new entrance near Tirumala Nambi temple besides main temple, while for newly married couple (who got married in TTD kalyana mandapams at Tirumala only) parents with infants below one year, will be allowed for free darshan through Supatham with necessary documents.

The darshan for common devotee is the main focus of the TTD management which ensures a minimum of 18-20 darshan hours for them while a separate window of 30minutes to one hour is allotted for protocol dignitaries and also VVIPs. TTD has set up large number of officials, NCC cadets, scouts and guides, Srivari sevaks and also vigilance cum police staff for crowd management inside the temple. Special CCTV cameras are set up to ensure that there was no misuse of privileges by any of the staff.

TTD has introduced the three-stepped three row darshan inside the sanctum by laying wooden planks at ground level, 7 inches height and 14 inches so that in spite of heavy crush when the devotees can witness the Lord with comfort at least for a couple of seconds in peace.

The crowd management for darshan is a marvel and one of the best and unparalleled in the history of any temple administration in the country. Every 10 to 15 minutes there is a gush of entry of devotees inside the first parameter of the Srivari Temple and only after they all get darshan and come out, the second batch is let inside. In an hour about 4000-5000 pilgrims are let inside in a systematic manner. Though the devotees complain of being pushed around by staff inside, they hardly complain about anything after the darshan after having the divine glimpse of Lord.