TIRUMALA, NOVEMBER 7: The Joint Executive Officer of Tirumala Sri K S Sreenivasa Raju, given a call to all the 1500 odd contract and out sourcing employees working in the Facility Management Services (FMS) in Tirumala on Friday that to join their hands in protecting the sanctity of Tirumala and give a strong assurance to the crores of Hindu devotees across the country.

Addressing the FMS employees at Mullakunta Park in Tirumala, the JEO said, since 2007 TTD has not appointed any employee belonging to any religion other than Hinduism, following the GO in the interests of protecting the sanctity of Tirumala temple and the sentiments of crores of pilgrims across the world. “But after the series of recent incidents which created proselytisation tensions in Tirumala, we are not going to spare any one of the contract or outsourcing employees belonging to other religions if they were caught during our verification process. So I appeal to you all to voluntarily leave the job. Even we are not sparing the regular employees and posting them at Tirupati. So I request all the supervisors to be aware of stringent action and take complete data of their contract or outsourcing employees”, he maintained.

Elaborating further he cautioned them that the area starting from Alipiri toll gate to entire Tirumala is said to be highly secured and no other religion other than Hinduism could be professed. “If you come across any such force or miscreant while you are discharging you duty, please immediately inform your supervisor or any of our employee or an officer or the vigilance and alert them. If is our bounded responsibility to protect the sanctity of Tirumala”, he asserted.
Later, the Srivari temple Deputy EO Sri C Ramana made all the outsourcing and contract employees of FMS in Tirumala to take the oath that they will abide to the TTDs guidelines and protect the sanctity of Tirumala temple.