Tirumala, 9 October 2016; The unprecedented arrangements by TTD engineering wing for the annual brahmotsavams of Srivaru with a six-month prior planning and execution which included the civil, electrical, water supply etc. at an expenditure of Rs.5.03crores, both at Tirumala and in Tirupati had paid good dividends.

The chief engineer of TTD Sri Chandrasekhar Reddy and his senior deputy, Sri Ramachandra Reddy-the Superintendent Engineer disclosed at the interaction with reporters at Media centre on Sunday, that a record sum of Rs.5.03 crore has been spent to make all the elaborate and fool proof arrangements including the innovative vertical mural gardens, illuminations, placement of LED screens, speakers, advanced audio and mike systems etc.

He said the infrastructural framing of the Muthayala pandiri has been undertaken at a record cost of Rs.1.03 crore for the vahanam seva and the engineering wing had completed all the works of special iron fencing and gates- all around Srivari Temple and also the Four mada streets in record time. ”We have cleaned all water storage points in Tirumala including the Swami Puskarini and those at Vaikuntham queue complex, four mada streets, guest houses etc. As much as 42.9 gallons of water is supplied during the Brahmotsavams”, he added.

30 huge LCDs for devotees viewing of Vahana sevas – Sri Venkateswarlu, SE (TTD Electrical)

We have set up 30 huge LCDs including19 at Mada streets and 11 at all other crowded junctions of Tirumala for benefit of devotees to view the Lord’s vahana sevas and get His divine blessings, said Sri Venkateswarlu, Superintending Engineer of Electrical wing of TTD.

Speaking at the media center he said as many as 40 big and 20 flexi electrical illuminations or bill boards were installed in record time to present Tirumala as a bright, colorful, shining replicating ‘Vaikuntha on Earth. Electrification of the vertical gardens, had also been done this year to showcase the TTD’s drive to ensure that the devotees enjoyed their stay in Tirumala during this mega religious fete”, he added.

He said the illuminations were some profiles from mythological epics like Bhagavatham, Mahabharatam and Ramayanam. ‘[We got the designs done professionally with technological tools for later its execution on canvass of flexis and also wooden, steel brackets specially prepared for the Brahmotsavam. To have an efficient sound system especially in mada streets, we have purchased advanced Sound- Mike system equipment, which has delivered fruitful results”, Sri Venkateswarlu said.