SERVE THE DEVOTEES WITH PATIENCE – DR. BV PATTABHIRAM _ భక్తులకు సహనంతో సేవలందించాలి – ⁠డాక్టర్ బివి.పట్టాభిరామ్

Tirupati, 12 February 2024: Renowned counselling psychologist and personality development expert Dr BV. Pattabhiram suggested that the employees should patiently provide services to the devotees who come for the darshan of Srivaru everyday.

Dr. Pattabhiram conducted a training program for TTD employees on “How to Overcome Stress in Performance” at the SVETA Building in Tirupati on Monday.

On this occasion, he said that TTD employees should take many precautions to overcome the stress.  He said that stress increases due to some things that are not in our control like the mistakes made by others and expecting results for our works.  Ethical behaviour is very important for employees.  

He wants to be a guide to the family.  He said that sitting in Vajrasana for five minutes every morning and standing straight and looking at the sky will relieve stress.

Sri Bhuman, Director of SVETA, said that training programs will be conducted with experts on health matters for TTD employees.  Trekking will be organized soon so that interested employees can visit the torrents in Seshachalam.

Later, along with SVBC Chairman Dr. Saikrishna Yachendra, Sri Bhuman awarded certificates to the employees who attended the training.

MLC Dr. Sipai Subrahmanyam, CVSO Sri. Narasimha Kishore, Catering Special Officer Sri Shastry and employees participated in this program.