· To operate both the Ghat Roads round the clock from 28.12.2017 to 02.01.2018 in connection with Vaikunta Ekadasi on 29.12.2017 Vaikunta Dwadasi on 30.12.2017 and lst January 2018.
· Four lakh numbers of water sachets to be supplied to the pilgrims waiting in outside queue lines.
· Supply water, food, beverages etc. continuously to the pilgrims waiting in the compartments, Narayanagiri Gardens / Ring Road / Medara Mifta / Bata Gangamma Gudi / Kalyana Vedika, outside queue lines etc., without any inconvenience.
· Sufficient mobile Medical teams shall be kept ready at Narayanagiri Gardens / Ring Road / Medara Mitta / Bata Gangamma Gudi / Kalyana Vedika / ATRH and all along the queue lines.
· The pilgrims intended to have darshan on28.12.2017 shall be permitted in to the compartments of VQC – I, as there is no issuance of Divya Darsanam tokens and the said compartments shall be cleared before 10:00P M [or] the number of Rs.300/- tickets issued on that day are cleared, whichever is earlier.
· 50% of Rs.300/-Complex shall be used for permitting Sarva Darshan pilgrims after filling of compartments in VQC – ll.
· The pilgrims intended to have darshan on 29.12.2017 shall be permitted into the compartments of VQC – I from 00:00 hrs of 28.12.2017.
· After completion of VIP Break darshan, the general pilgrims waiting in the compartments shall be allowed for Darshan by 8:00 AM on Vaikunta Ekadasi day i.e., on 29.12.2017.
· Procession of Swarna Ratham on Vaikuntha Ekadasi from 9am to 11am on 29-12-2017
· Chakrasanam to Sri Sudarshana Chakrattalwar as a part of Swamy Pushkarini Teertha Mukkoti on 30-12-2017.