The IT Value Assesment Committee of Lords Jewels submitted their report to JEO Tml 

Tirumala, 28 December 2010: A team of IT Value Assesment experts from Hyderabad have certified that all the gold, silver and precious stones, studded jewels in Sri Vari Temple are guniune and there is no replacement  in  jewellery.


Submitting the assessement report to Sri K.Bhaskar, Joint Executive Officer, TTDs, Tirumala at his chambers in Tirumala on Tuesday evening, Sri Sathyanarayana Sarma, expert of IT Value Assesment of jewels, Hyderabad has said that he has visited the temple 16 times for the valuation of jewellery and objects. He further said that the jewellery studded with precious stones, natural stones, natural pearls etc. most of them are rare and antique. Addressing the media he clarified that all the jewellery in Sri Vari Temple in Tirumala are genuine and there is no replacement in jewellery. He has verified four registers which are available in the temple which are namely Thiruvabharanam register(137 ornaments), Malayappaswamy register (082 ornaments/jewels), Silver articles register (444 articles) and other article register (365 articles) and total jewels and articles verified by the experts are 1028 he added.


For the verification of diamonds and jewels of Lord Venkateswara the TTD  has sought the help of Gemology Lab, Mumbai and Rajasthanan, Govt Mint, Hyderabad and IT Value Assessment Hyderbad. Out of three the Gemology experts have submitted their on October 26, 2010, the Govt Mint experts, Hyderabad have submitted their report on December 25, 2010, now the IT Value assessments experts have submitted their detailed report to the TTD on December 28,2010.


Sri Praveen Sarma, IT Value Assessment Expert, Hyderabad, Sri Chandrasekhar Pillai, Peishkar, Sri TT and others have participated.