Tirumala, 6 October 2016: If you visit Tirumala by either road or foot path, the inspiring scenes of Tirumala that hit you as you approach the hill shrine is not just the green and rocky surroundings but also the symbols like Shanku, Chakra and the Thirunamam.

Thirunamam, the splendor of red sindhur amidst a white patch of camphor is synonymous with Tirumala Tirupati and Lord Venkateswara who is also popular as Lord Balaji.


The flame shape represents Atma. Zealous devotees smear it on the exterior of the upper arms, over the chest and below the spinal cord area at the back. The Thirunamam is also called as Tottu Namam and Thiruman.

When the TTD executive officer Dr D Sambasiva Rao made a fervent appeal to all employees and devotees to wear the Thirunamam, his objective was to promote and inspire veneration for Lord Venkateswara from heart and minds of every one coming to the holy Vaishnavite shrine.

The TTD has already bought a sea change of the sartorial taste of the devotees by making desi dhoti and shirt for men and saree or punjabi dress banning western apprel like jeans or skirts and made desi dress as mandatory for all the arjita seva devotees and Rs.300 devotees who come for the blessings of Lord Venkateswara. Now with the drive for wearing Thirunamam, the TTD aims to infuse larger devotion and following among the devotees when in Tirumala.

Thirunamam represents the ‘Sacred name of God’. The phrase Namam also represents the white clay found at the deeper layer of earth, which is used as the powder to wear a flame shaped mark. The Ayyavazhi people wore this Namam, starting from the central point between the eyebrows, going straight up near the top edge of the forehead. ‘Namam also gives us a definite identification as servants of Lord Venkateswara”, says Sri Kodandarama Rao, Deputy EO of Srivari temple.


TTD has made elaborate arrangement for providing the Thirunamam tools at all guest houses, TTD offices, at the Vaikuntham queue complexes, Seeghra Darshan complex, Anna prasadam complex, Laddu counters and the Kalyana katta besides host of sub -temples in and around Tirumala.


The Srivari Seva volunteers have been deputed for this service to pilgrims, police, office staff by TTD. “We are blessed to do this service as it implies the sanctity of Hinduism. I have personally donated twelve sets of Tirunamam Mudras for the purpose as my part in pilgrim service and I thank TTD for this divine opportunity”, says Sri Mahalingam, a srivari seva volunteer hailing from Salem.


On the other hand the strong police force which have been deputed for the Brahmotsavam service, also seen donning the Tirunamam over their heads every where in the hill town. “One of the sleuth who have been deputed for the duty near temple premises, said, “By wearing this Tirunama, it has not only emanated our inner senses with divine fervour but also helping us to build up healthy bond with the multitude of visiting pilgrims while guiding them to their respective destinations as a part of our duty”, he added with elation.