Trust Board Meeting

Tirumala, 29 Sep. 09: In an effort to root  out  the  middle men  and to simplify  the process of  darshan for  alll devotees   the Tirumala Tirupati Trust Board  today  decided to  summarily  do away with the  system of Cellar  and AAD  tickets for  special darshans  .

 In its  place  the Board  decided to introduce  a ‘ quick darshan’ ( Shigra Darshan)  system  of  issue of Rs. 300 ticket  . Breifing the reporters on the proceedings of  the Board meeting held  this after noon   the TTD chairman  Sri. D. K.Adikeshavulu   said  the new  system  will come into effect  from  October  21st,  the first day of  Karthika  month- on the day of Nagula Chaviti .

 ‘ Under the  new  system  any devotee can walk in to the Vaikuntam -I  complex , pay Rs.300  and get a ticket for quick darshan ‘, he said . The  Sreeghra Darshan tickets  will be  sold only at the Vaikuntham comples  and is not   available   either online or at any of the counters elsewhere either at Tirupati or  in any banks  . “These tickets will be sold only  at Vaikuntham complex  and also on first come first served basis  and no amount of advance booking  or reservation or qoutas  will be entertained “, he said.

 The chairman said with the introduction of the new system  all the  existing  special darshan schemes like Cellar Ticket and AAD will stand disbanded  . ” However the  issue of  Rs. 50  ticket  being issued  at all  TTD  e-darshan counters ( online ) will be continued  as usual”.

 The TTD  chairman also said that  the Board  had  considered the need to  streamline  the process of  honoring all recommendation letters which were not  being addressed  at  various levels like the EO, JEO, Special Offricer  etc.  ” We are working out  a process where all such  recommendation letters will be pooled  under  a single window system and  handled   accordingly ” , he said.

The board  ALSO thanked all the officials of  TTD  , polcie  and  district administrationwho strived  day and night for the successful conduction of the  Brahmotsavam-2009  and also made it   memorable and  uneventful.