Tirumala, 14 Sep. 15: The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams has taken up promotion and preservation of Vedic studies and Vedic literature in a big way for posterity and also highlight the great strides made by our ancestors in the realm of medicine, astrology, Temple rituals, Vaikhanasa Agamas.

Emerging as the custodian of our hoary and ancient knowledge and heritage TTD established the first ever University for Vedic studies -SV Vedic University with a faculty of highly skilled and Sanskrit educated professionals in 2007 along with another institution to take up higher studies and research in Vedas and allocated a sum of Rs.30crore for its Vedic agenda.

The TTD has promoted one of the world’s best campus for Veda Pathashala at Dharmagiri where teaching of vedas and its various spiritual and knowledge content begins at a young age of 6-7 years. ‘Since 1984 the nearly 6000 Vedic scholars have graduated from the Dharmagiri Veda Pathashala ‘ says TTD Executive Officer, D Sambashiv Rao proudly.

It has an unique curriculum and study environment at Dharmagiri located amidst Sheshachala forest belt in Tirumala and is secluded from external influences and TTD has provided financial assistance and stipend to merited students of Rs.3 lakhs per annum for 12 year course and Rs 1 lakh per annum for 8year course. TTD also identified 2000 vedic scholars and provided them financial support with monthly stipend. It is also providing an financial aid of Rs.1.5lakhs per annum to nearly 120 Veda Pathashalas across the country.

Besides promoting Vedic education, the TTD has set up a project for preservation and promotion of vedic knowledge of shastras and Vedas What was preserved through ages in the form of word of mouth is now recorded by TTD in digital form and preserved for posterity. Many vedic and puranic knowledge has now been preserved digitally by inviting scholars to recite them in perfect format.

On top of everything the TTD is also undertaking host of vedic rituals, Homas and Yagams for the welfare of the common man and good of the world. Very recently TTD performed the Karreesthi Varuna Japam to invoke /varuna Gods to beget good rains for the state hit by drought like conditions. It also Performed Parajayna Sahtni Yagam and adbhuta /shanti yagam for world peace and ending violence. It also performed Saraswathi Puja for benefit of students appearing for general and competitive exams.

‘What we are doing in TTD is to enhance the sanctity of Vedic knowledge and practices pursued by our fore fathers for the good of society ‘says Rao who is keen to set some more programs rolling to make TTD and Tirumala as the sanctum sanatorium of vedic knowledge and practices as part of its mandate to promote Sanatana Hindu dharma.